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La Isla Interactive Aquarium
Pictures From Our Trip To La Isla Shopping Mall & The Interactive Aquarium In Cancun Mexico

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Shark Tank Picture

Shark Information Sign

Who's The Real Predator?


The picture in the middle of this row reads "Who is the predator and who is the prety?".

Between 1990 and 1996, 344 people worldwide were attached by sharks, and only 44 were mortally wounded. That's equal to a capture average of 6 per year.

According to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization, human beings disembarked 633,600 tons of shark in 1991.

If the average weight of each captured shark is 100kg then for each human life taken by a shark, 1 million shark lives are ended.

Shark Tank Dive Room
Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-41 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-42
The sign in the first picture in the row below says that baby sharks are called "pups" and they can be born in three different ways. The mother shark can either lay eggs (like birds), the eggs hatch inside the mother and then born, or the shark pups can grow inside the mother (like humans). Sharks can have anywhere from 1 to 100 babies at a time. The sharks that grow their pups inside their body obviously have less offspring at a time. Sharks don't take care of their young after they are born, but they do search for a safe place to lay their eggs. The baby sharks or "pups" are born with the instinct to hunt and search for food.
Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-43 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-44 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-45

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