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Free 1 GB SD Memory Card From & Google Checkout
How I got a free Kingston brand one gigabyte Secure Digital memory card by using the $10 savings offer from Google.

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Update: 11-20-07 - I guess they ran out of stock or didn't want to give any more away for "free". You can still get the memory card for the same price and get the discount but the item doesn't qualify for free shipping anymore. It's still a great deal if you find something you need on that they will ship for free and then you apply the first time buyer Google Checkout $10 off discount.

$10.00 1GB SD @

Kingston Secure Digital Memory


Well, there's not much to this story. I was doing my usual rounds on some of the larger digital camera forums and photography message boards when I found a thread titled "Free 1 GB SD Card From & Google Checkout!".

I can never have enough spare Secure Digital memory cards for my Canon S5 IS, SD700IS and HP iPAQ HX4700 PDA so I went to check out the deal.

Google Checkout is a new service from the search engine giant that allows merchants and online retailers to process credit card payments for physical goods or online services. To promote the service they are currently offering $10.00 off your first order from any of the websites that use their system.

The link in the thread lead me to a standard speed Kingston Technology 1GB SD memory card for $10 bucks with free economy UPS & USPS partnership shipping.

UPS / USPS Padded Mailing Bag
Google Checkout Receipt For $0.00
The receipt from Google Checkout showed a total of $0.00 after the $10.00 coupon was applied to my order for the $10 memory card with free shipping. Apparently the UPS delivery company has partnered with the United States Postal Service so that UPS picks up the package from retailers and delivers it to a local USPS hub. I guess it works out more efficiently for them to make the mass pick up at the warehouse, travel the long distance, and then let the USPS worry about getting the item into the individual consumer's mailboxes.

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