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Ikea Sunrise Under Construction 8/07 - South Florida
Pictures of the Swedish Ikea Store that is being built in Sunrise FL at the "Gateway At Sawgrass" by the Stiles company.

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Gateway At Sawgrass
Ikea-Store-Sunrise-FL-Under-Construction-002 Ikea-Store-Sunrise-FL-Under-Construction-003
Ikea Sunrise Truck Bays

South Florida shoppers have been asking for an Ikea store for years. The Swedish company is known worldwide as a leader in home furnishings. Some people even make the long drive to Atlanta to shop Ikea's large collection of exclusive items.

After a trip to the Sawgrass Mills Mall in August 2007, we drove around the Ikea Sunrise store construction site and took a few pictures to see the progress.

The Ikea Sunrise store is being built at the corner of I-595 / SR84 and NW 136th Avenue. Construction started in late summer of 2006 and is supposed to be done by Fall of 2007.

This store will cover 20 acres of the 25 acre "Gateway At Sawgrass" shopping complex. It will also feature over ten thousand products, three model homes, a full sized restaurant, fifty model rooms, and a children's play area with supervisor.

Loading Zones
Merchandise Delivery
Rear of Ikea Sunrise Store
20 Acre Ikea Site
Ikea-Store-Sunrise-FL-Under-Construction-008 Ikea-Store-Sunrise-FL-Under-Construction-009
5 Acres of Retail Shops

Ikea-Store-Sunrise-FL-Under-Construction-010 Ikea-Store-Sunrise-FL-Under-Construction-011
Front of Ikea Sunrise Store
293,000 Square Foot Store
View From NW 136th Ave
Ikea-Store-Sunrise-FL-Under-Construction-014 Ikea-Store-Sunrise-FL-Under-Construction-015
Kaufman Lynn Construction
Ikea-Store-Sunrise-FL-Under-Construction-017 Ikea-Store-Sunrise-FL-Under-Construction-018
View From SR 84

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