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ProStar & Sager Laptop CMOS Battery Replacement
How To Replace Your CMOS Battery & Hard Drive In A Sager, ProStar or MTech Laptop - A Picture Illustrated Repair Guide.

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Here's the CMOS battery on my MTech / Sager / ProStar laptop. I wish they had provided more slack on the wire and had not soldered the metal spades to the battery. When I popped off the metal contacts that were soldered on to the battery, I broke the red (+ positive) connection and had to totally take my laptop apart to attach a new piece of wire. The next picture below is the old CMOS battery with all the blue plastic heat shrink wrapping removed.





This is the old CR2032 CMOS battery, notice the marks and dents on the body of the old battery from the soldered on metal spade contacts.


The bottom of the metal plate that resides below the keyboard.


To get the laptop body to spread apart into two halves, I had to pop the little brown fasteners that held in the super thin connectors that were on the motherboard.


I propped open my laptop case and attached new wires to the short CMOS battery wires by twisting them together and using a heat shrink tubing to hold the connection together.


Just a close up picture of my old hard drive so I would know what to buy as a replacement.


I used 3M Decal double sided tape that I had left over from a car stereo install project to secure the positive ( + red) and negative ( - black) wires to the new CR2032 3V CMOS battery.

Then I secured everything down to the bottom of the laptop with the more of the 3M tape. (My laptop battery died a year ago so all this extra stuff in the laptop battery cavity doesn't matter to me.

Besides, who takes a 12 pound laptop with a power hungry P4 2.8ghz desktop chip from place to place expecting to use work on battery power for more than a few minutes??? )


To the left is my new Seagate 60GB 2.5" 5400RPM laptop hard drive next to the old Toshiba 2.5" 60GB 4200RPM drive that failed on me after 4 years of intensive use.


The final picture is my new hard drive installed. Next, I was ready to fire up the old Mtech 5600D and get her working again.

Had I not been so tired doing this whole procedure and messed up one of the CMOS battery wires, it would have taken a LOT less time.

Now with a new CMOS battery and a faster 5400RPM hard drive, my Mtech laptop runs faster and keeps the system date. That's a job well done in my book.

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