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2005 Toyota Corolla S Car Review
Pictures & an unbiased automobile review of the 2005 Toyota Corolla Sports Sedan.

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In late 2005 my girlfriend purchased a brand new 2005 Toyota Corolla S sedan. Together we did a few hours of research to decide which manufacturer and model would be best as her first new car.

After consulting with friends, reading message boards for user opinions, perusing consumer reports reviews, and visiting car dealerships, we decided on the 2005 Toyota Corolla.

The Toyota Corolla is supposedly the #1 selling car in the world. I've heard or read this claim from several different sources. It's not hard to believe this about the Corolla since it's a model known for being extremely reliable.

A friend of mine had a base model 1988 Toyota Corolla CE that ran reliably with nothing more than regular oil changes & tune ups for almost 20 years and 220,000 miles!


2005 Toyota Corolla S
I've driven more miles in her new 2005 Toyota Corolla S than my girlfriend has, so I feel I'm fairly qualified to give you a quick review of all the car's pros and cons. The 2005 Corolla feels extremely well put together and everything feels tight with no creaks or gaps in the interior or exterior body components. Although the interior might not look as flashy as those found in Mazda, BMW, or Audi cars, the Corolla's interior is classy with well thought out gauge and control layouts. My "pros" list for this Toyota Corolla review would include the excellent fuel economy (~38mpg highway), the top notch initial build quality, and the free revving 4 cylinder engine. The only "cons" I can think of are that the seats could be more comfortable for long trips, and I wish the car had a wider stance to avoid being blown around on the highway in stormy South Florida. Overall, I'd recommend this car for anyone interested in a high quality small sedan that will safely and reliably transport you from point A to point B for many years to come.


This 2005 Toyota Corolla Sedan S sports model came equipped with alloy wheels, power windows, power door locks, fog lights, cruise control, 6 CD disc changer stereo system, air conditioning and a 130hp inline 4 1.8 liter engine. I had the tint done at an aftermarket automotive tinting shop for $140.00. The tint on her 2005 Toyota Corolla is 30% metallic tint that reflects 90% of all UV rays and heat waves.

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