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Toyota Corolla Curt Trailer Hitch Installation Guide
How to install a Curt trailer hitch on a 10th generation 2009-2013 Toyota Corolla in order to attach an Inno bike rack.

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Curt Trailer Hitch # 112653
2010 Toyota Corolla S
Hitch & Tow Bar Included
This automotive upgrade tutorial was specifically written to assist owners of the 10th generation (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013) Toyota Corolla in installing the Curt 112653 (1 1/4") trailer hitch to attach an Inno INH305 bike rack.

Owners of trailer hitches compatible with the tenth generation Corolla such as the Curt # 11265, 11266, 11295, 112651, 112652, 112653, 112661, 112662, 112663, 112951, 112952 and 112953, Reese Towpower # 51171 or 77186, Hidden Hitch 60200, and Draw-Tite 24814 may also find these instructions to be helpful.

The procedure is also the same for the 9th generation (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008) Corolla and the new 11th generation 2014 and 2015 Corolla sedans.

I purchased this Curt trailer hitch and the Inno INH305 bike rack from Amazon. By doing the labor myself, I saved just over $200 compared to a quote from a local shop.

Tow Bar Included
Compressed Air, Loctite & Brush
Mounting Bolts & Washers
Please allow the car to cool off for at least an hour after driving so that you don't burn yourself on the hot exhaust pipes.

First check to see if the tow loop from the factory is still attached to the passenger side frame rail on the underside of your Corolla. If the tow loop is there, remove it by turning the two 19mm bolts counterclockwise.

The tools needed to install the hitch include a can of compressed air, a small brush, Loctite blue bolt locker liquid, a 19mm socket, a 3/8" drive ratcheting wrench, a 9" extension bar, a few cable ties, safety glasses and a torque wrench.

The chances are good that you'll just see the two weld nut holes on both the driver and passenger side frame rails.

For a trouble free installation of the trailer hitch, it's best to clean out the bolt holes with compressed air and or a brush.

19mm Socket & Extension Bars
Driver Side Frame Rail
Clean Out Bolt Holes
Please wear safety glasses to protect your eyes during the installation.

I first sprayed compressed air in to each bolt hole to clean out any loose debris.

Toothbrush - Remove Debris
Two Weldnut Holes
Clean Out Passenger Side
Then remove any dirt or mud from the threads in the weldnuts by using a metal brush or even an old toothbrush will work for vehicles that haven't been driven in any corrosive environments such as salted winter roads.
Using Toothbrush In Threads
Cable Ties Around Exhaust
Zip Ties Supporting Hitch
If you are installing the trailer hitch by yourself, I'd recommend using some plastic cable ties or "zip ties" to support the passenger side.

Loop the cable ties over the cold exhaust support and around the trailer hitch. Tighten the cable ties until the passenger side of the trailer hitch is close to the frame rail.

I had thin "light duty" cable ties, so I used two sets of ties for extra support.

Loctite Blue Threadlocker
Bolt & Lock Washer
Apply Loctite To Threads
An optional step is to apply a small amount of Loctite blue (removable with hand tools) threadlocker nut & bolt locking liquid to the threads of each bolt.

As long as you tighten the bolts to the appropriate torque, you don't need to use Loctite. I just wanted a bit of extra peace of mind that the bolts wouldn't vibrate loose.

Insert First Bolt - Clockwise
Cable Ties Holding Passenger Side
Loctite On Threads
Place the metal conical washers on the bolts with the "toothed" end facing up towards the trailer hitch.

Lift the driver side of the trailer hitch up towards the frame rail and line up the bolt holes with the weldnuts.


Spin In 19mm Bolt By Hand
Two Driver Side Bolts Attached
Spin in the two bolts by hand a few turns in the clockwise direction to prevent them from becoming cross threaded.
Spin In Passenger Side Bolts
2009-2013-Toyota-Corolla-Curt-Trailer-Hitch-Installation-Guide-026 2009-2013-Toyota-Corolla-Curt-Trailer-Hitch-Installation-Guide-027
Move to the passenger side of the trailer hitch.

Apply a small amount of Loctite to the two bolts with their conical washers attached.

Spin in the two bolts on the passenger side by hand a few turns in the clockwise direction to prevent them from becoming cross threaded.

All 4 Bolts Inserted
Cut Cable Ties
Tighten Clockwise
Once all four bolts are securely in place and supporting the trailer hitch, you can cut the cable ties on the passenger side with a pair of scissors.

Tighten the four bolts with the 19mm socket attached to an extension bar and the 3/8" drive ratcheting wrench by turning them clockwise until they are hand tight.

2009-2013-Toyota-Corolla-Curt-Trailer-Hitch-Installation-Guide-031 2009-2013-Toyota-Corolla-Curt-Trailer-Hitch-Installation-Guide-032
Torque Wrench Set To 86 ft-lbs
Torque 4 Bolts To 86 ft-lbs
Then use your torque wrench to tighten the four bolts to 86 ft-lbs.

Double check that the four bolts are tight before moving on to the bike rack installation.

2009-2013-Toyota-Corolla-Curt-Trailer-Hitch-Installation-Guide-034 2009-2013-Toyota-Corolla-Curt-Trailer-Hitch-Installation-Guide-035
Tightening Passenger Side
Trailer Hitch Installed
The Curt part number 112653 trailer hitch is relatively hidden below the Corolla and the black paint helps it blend in to the ground.
View of Hitch Under Bumper
Curt 1 1/4" Hitch Receiver
Checking Tow Bar Fit
Even though we won't be needing the tow bar for our Inno INH305 bike rack, I ordered this model (# 112653) that included it since it was the only one in stock and available with 2 day free shipping from Amazon Prime.

If you also only plan on using your trailer hitch for a bike rack, you can save a few dollars by ordering Curt trailer hitch # 11265 which only includes the hitch bar and mounting hardware but not the tow bar, pin and retaining clip.

I attached the included tow bar (with out mounting ball) just to check the fit of the trailer hitch receiver.

Inno INH305 Attached
INH305 Side View
Bike Rack Storage Position
To assemble the Inno INH305 bike rack, all I had to do was slide on the bike carriers and secure them with four nuts.

This Class 1 trailer hitch has a towing capacity of 2,000 lbs and a tongue weight of 200 lbs. Our two bikes (carbon fiber Trek road bike and an aluminum Diamondback hybrid) plus the Inno INH305 bike rack should be around 100 lbs total.

Curt Manufacturing recommends that all "non-trailer" loads should also be supported by their load stabilizing straps (part # 18050).

From what I've read online in various forums, most people don't bother with the straps since the whole purpose of a trailer hitch is to avoid having straps marring or scuffing your car's paint job.

We've used the hitch and bike rack a few times already and they work great. We love how easy it is to get a bike in and out of the Inno INH305 bike carriers. When the all black bike rack is folded up for storage, it blends in nicely with the rear of my car and isn't an eye sore like some of the other racks I have seen.

I really like how the Inno INH305 comes with a locking trailer hitch pin to keep someone from disconnecting the entire rack and stealing it. There are locks on each each bike carrier. Inno also included a braided metal cable that can be run through the frames of each bike to lock them to the rack.

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