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Toyota RAV4 Cargo Area Light Bulb Replacement Guide
How to change a burnt out cargo area light bulb in a fifth generation 2019 to 2023 Toyota RAV4 SUV.

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2019 RAV4 Cargo Area
Cargo Area Light Housing
Insert Screwdriver
This automotive maintenance tutorial was specifically written to assist owners of the fifth generation (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and the facelifted 2023 model year) Toyota RAV4 SUV in changing a burnt out cargo area light bulb which is situated near the tailgate door or upgrading it to a brighter LED unit.

Owners of other Toyota and Lexus vehicles such as the Camry, Corolla, Highlander, Prius, Avalon, C-HR, GR86, Venza, Sienna, Sequoia, 4Runner, IS 250, IS 300, IS 350, ES 350, GS 350 and GX 460 may also find these DIY instructions to be helpful.

The compatible replacement miniature wedge base light bulb part number is 2825 (also known as W5W).

If you'd like to have a brighter cargo area light bulb, install a 2825 LED unit (or W5W LED bulb).

The only tool needed to access and replace the bulb is a small plastic pry bar tool or a flat head screwdriver.

The first two steps are to open the tailgate door and then move to the right (passenger side) of the cargo area.

To prevent from scratching the plastic surfaces, cover the tip of your screwdriver with a thin micro fiber cloth or instead use a plastic pry bar tool.

Locate the small notch on the front edge of the light housing (located closer to the front of the SUV).

Insert the blade of your screwdriver or plastic pry bar tool into the small notch and gently pry out the light housing.


Light Housing Removed
Push In Release Tab
Power Plug Detached
Push in the small white plastic release button on the electrical connector before sliding it straight out of its socket.

Set the light housing down on a soft surface to prevent from scratching the lens cover.

Pry Off Rear Cover
Back Cover Removed
Gray Plastic Rear Cover
Use the flat head screwdriver to gently pry off the gray plastic cover on the back side of the light housing.

If the old light bulb was recently turned on, it might still be hot enough to burn your fingers. Allow the old bulb to cool off before you handle it.

Set the gray plastic rear cover aside in a safe place.

Pull Out Old Light Bulb
Old Light Bulb Removed
Push In New Light Bulb
Pull the old light bulb straight out of its socket.

The OEM (original equipment manufacturer) light bulb in this 2019 RAV4 was marked as part number Toshiba 12V5W W5W.

Push a new number 2825 or W5W light bulb straight into the socket.

If you'd like to have a brighter cargo area light bulb that will also last much longer before burning out like the traditional incandescent light bulb, install a 2825 LED unit.

Pop On Rear Cover
Push In Power Plug
Reinsert Wires First
Gently pop the gray plastic rear cover back into place.

Push the electrical connector straight into its socket. You should feel or hear the power plug "click" securely into place.

Then reinsert the wires and the rear edge of the light housing back into the opening in the plastic cargo area trim panel.

Snap In Front Edge
Flip "On / Off" Switch
Test New Light Bulb
Gently pop in the front edge of the lens cover to secure the light housing in place.

You should feel or hear the retaining clip "click" securely into place.

To test the new cargo area light bulb, flip the switch to the "On" position.

Be sure to write down the procedure in your vehicle's service records.

For more, please check out all of my 2019-2023 Toyota RAV4 DIY Repair & Maintenance Guides.

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