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Buenos Aires Argentina
Pictures from my trip to Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina in South America.

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Buenos-Aires-Argentina-049 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-050 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-051
After we toured the Plaza De Mayo, Calle Florida, and the Plaza San Martin, we ventured on to a colorful neighborhood in Buenos Aires known as La Boca.

Many of the working class residents of La Boca (literal translation - "the mouth" but it refers to the Buenos Aires Port), are of Italian descent which gives La Boca a "little Italy" feel.

In the row below, the middle picture is from the Caminito Centro De Exposiciones. This souvenir shop has a balcony that features cartoonish statues of Diego Armando Maradona, Evita Peron, and Juan Domingo Perón.

La Boca is known as the birth place of the Tango dance and the neighborhood is also home to the "Boca Juniors" which is one of the best football (soccer) teams in all of South America.

Casa de Gobierno
Caminito Centro De Exposiciones
Caminito Craft Fair
Santos Vega Statue
Caminito Center Stores
La Barrica Tienda
Buenos-Aires-Argentina-059 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-060
Tango Cafe
Buenos-Aires-Argentina-061 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-062 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-063
General Don Jose De San Martin
Buenos-Aires-Argentina-065 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-066
Perro En La Boca
Buenos-Aires-Argentina-067 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-068
Caminito Tango
La Boca, Buenos Aires Port
Salvatori Parks & Gardens
Salvatori Parques Y Jardines
Mausoleo D.F. Sarmiento

Buenos-Aires-Argentina-073 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-074 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-075
Black Cat & Cemetery

The pictures surrounding this text are from the Recoleta Cemetery in the well heeled Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta. The graves of many of Argentina's well known politicians, historical heroes, scientists, and wealthy residents are in the Recoleta Cemetery. Without a doubt, the grave of Eva Duarte Peron (aka Evita Peron) is the most famous tomb in the expansive cemetery.

Buenos-Aires-Argentina-076 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-077 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-078
La Recoleta Cemetery
Familia Duarte
Buenos-Aires-Argentina-080 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-081
Buenos-Aires-Argentina-082 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-083
Eduardo Catalano Artwork
Giant Metal Flower Palermo
In the Plaza de las Naciones there is a large metal flower that was created by sculpture artist Eduardo Catalano.

The flower goes by the name Floral Generica, weighs about 18 tons, opens to the sun during the day and shuts tight at night.

I heard that this giant metal flower sculpture, in the neighborhood of Palermo, has lights at night to represent the stamen and pistils.

Escultura Floral Generica
Buenos-Aires-Argentina-086 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-087
Buenos-Aires-Argentina-088 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-089 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-090
Buenos-Aires-Argentina-091 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-094 Buenos-Aires-Argentina-093

The last two pictures on this page are from an upper class suburb of Buenos Aires where my father's friend lives.

I thought it was hilarious that the streets are filled with speed bumps AND barriers to remind you that the speed limit is 20 km/h. So in order to travel along the street you have to swerve in and out of the oncoming lane.


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