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Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina
Pictures and information from our trip to the city of Villa Carlos Paz in the South American country of Argentina.

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Villa Carlos Paz is a small town not too far from the city of Cordoba in Argentina. It is a major area of recreation for the province of Cordoba and one of the most visited areas in the region.

There are a variety of activities to enjoy in the waters of San Rogue lake such as swimming, windsurfing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, and sailing.

If going in the water is not your forte, you could always go hiking in the mountains, fishing, mountain biking or horse riding.

My father drove us to Villa Carlos Paz from our Holiday Inn hotel in Cordoba. We stopped at San Rogue lake to enjoy a drink and take in the landscape. Most of my pictures are from the comfort of our rental van during our driving tour of Carlos Paz Argentina.



San Rogue Lake

Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-07 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-08 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-09
Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-10 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-11 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-12
Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-13 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-14 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-15
Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-16 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-17 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-18
Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-19 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-20 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-21
Banco Suquia Sign
Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-22 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-23 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-24

Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-25 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-26 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-27
Red & White Police Truck
Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-28 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-29 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-30
Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-31 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-32 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-33
Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-34 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-35 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-36
Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-37 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-38 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-39

In the last two pictures in the row above, you can see a sign for the Villa Carlos Paz Museo De Tractores with Mas De 100 Maquinas de los Campos de Argentina, which means the "tractor museum with more than 100 machines from the fields of Argentina.

Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-40 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-41 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-42

After this day trip to Villa Carlos Paz we drove our Renault rental van back to the Holiday Inn Hotel in Cordoba. Then the next day we were on our way back to Villa Maria to visit my grandmother and continue on to the hustle and bustle of the big capital city of Buenos Aires.

Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-43 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-44 Villa-Carlos-Paz-Pictures-45


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