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80's Clothing Fashion In 2006
Angelo Maddox Discusses His Distaste For Glittery Shirts, Leg Warmers, Jelly Bracelets & other 80's Fashion.

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Is it really happening again?  College campuses all across the States are showing signs of the return to our childhood nightmare: 80s fashion.  You can see it with the painful hairdos and the leg warmers. 

Surely people don't understand the magnitude of going into a store and purchasing something like leg warmers. Pants really do the job.  If you're a dancer by all means wear them.  But the rest of us just have to get a grip. You'd think we were beyond the days of peasant blouses, floral prints, jelly bracelets and acid wash jeans.  Yet all these kids are falling into the Gap and other trendy stores instead of making their own choice.


In weak attempts to get "Dirty" with Christina Aguilera or trying to be in the"Zone" with Brittany Spears we end up with things like the return of the eighties.  Think to yourself for a moment. Why return of the eighties?  Well it's likely that all these people who were toddlers during that time period ended up taking in too many of the bad ideas. Children left home alone after watching too much TV -- their little heads filling up with future fashion tragedies of America. How is it that glittery shirts and shiny plastic accessories satisfy the hearts and minds of the people that wear them?  Don't get me wrong there were some good fashion trends from the eighties that were great - wait, no there wasn't.  That's likely the reason why we progressed past it like other bad things in history.

So the rules are simple.  A.  If you see a bright color run from it.  The only people allowed to wear loud colors are grandparents (and it really doesn't even work for some of them).  B.  Sequins died about the same time as the disappearance of dinosaurs. Wearing them on shoes, handbags or hats will hurt other people's feelings.  C.  If you're using multiple bottles of hairspray to fix your hair in the morning, STOP.  What you are doing is not only a fire hazard it is also hurting the ozone layer.  These are some signs of eighties regression.

Written By Angelo Maddox
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