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College Roommate Rules List
This is a list of rules submitted by a college student to maintain order among the roommates.

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  • There will be a free checking apartment bank account set up.
  • Rent will be paid on the 1st of the month to the landlord.  Rent money is due to the apartment bank account by the 28th of the month.
  • All Utilities payments will be paid 7 days before they are due into the apartment account.
  • Any added services to utilities that the other roommate will not use is the responsibility of the roommate.  Being said the other room mate will NOT be allowed to use it with out asking. As it will be unfair for one person to pay then both use it. (ex: Movie channels, internet, land line)
  • Dishes will not sit in the sink over night
  • Dishes will be rinsed off before being put in the dish washer or washed by hand
  • Food will be cleaned off kitchen counter and floor and, counters will be wiped down after use.
  • Pet owner's will clean the apartment of animal hair once a week unless deemed otherwise by all roommates
  • Litter boxes will remain in pet owner room's or bathrooms' area and are their responsibility
  • Major house cleaning will be done when needed and will be alternated between room mates
  • Garbage will be removed Immediately when it is full
  • Roommates will ask before taking each others food
  • If food is shared it is to be split evenly unless otherwise specified
  • Room mates will ask before going into each others' rooms
  • Books and magazines and misc. things will be kept in the persons room, main living area must be kept orderly and neat
  • Coasters will be used on all wooden furniture & tables
  • Feet will be wiped at the door
  • No parties without prior approval, and no more than 20 trusted people
  • No unreasonably loud music
  • If someone has a problem with something, address it to the room mate immediately in a friendly tone.  (this is to try to avoid problems, arguments, and misunderstandings)
  • A room mate must listen to the others side of a problem first before interjecting
  • Before moving in a list will be made of things that bother the person as to give the other heads up. 
  • It would be preferred if the other room mate is notified of an overnight visitor in advance but not necessary.
  • Anything placed or hung up in the main area must be approved by all roommates (ex: pictures, furniture, statues, fountains) (editor - fountains? wtf? )
  • Major decisions must be agreed upon by all roommates (ex: painting, including the color)
  • Every Tuesday night at 8 there will be quiet in the house while Gilmore Girls is on. (Editor - )
  • Air conditioning will be turned to 80 during the day when no one is home to save energy.


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