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Coupons Can Save College Students $$$
Chris Saunders Explains How Clipping Coupons Can Be Vital To Your College Dorm Life Budget

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 Not sure you can cover the tab on your next date? What about the twelve-pack that you want to have on hand for the big game? It is amazing how quickly these little items can add up. This is especially true when you’re taking on the expense of paying for your education, and your only source of income is either your maxed out credit card or the few bucks that you may be able to pull down from your part-time job.

     How will you ever solve this problem? Well…you may not. However, with a little work you may be able to save money without having to drastically change your lifestyle. How you ask?

Simple, start clipping coupons. Clipping coupons may not sound cool, but it’s a sure-fire way to save you big bucks on everything from fast food burgers to toothpaste.


Using coupons is a smart way to save money on all of your purchases. Think of it like a job. You’re going to need to spend some time each week searching for money savings deals, but in return you’re going to put money back into your pocket. This certainly doesn’t mean that you have to purchase everything with a coupon, but finding a few bargains a week may be well worth your time.

Not sure where to start? The following suggestions will help you as enter the frugal fraternity of coupon clippers:

Ø       Buy the newspaper. You don’t need a daily subscription to find the best deals. The Wednesday and Sunday paper usually contains inserts that are full of money saving coupons from a variety of vendors. Don’t forget your campus paper, as these are often time loaded with deals that may interest you.

Ø       Go directly to the source. Grocery stores, restaurants, your favorite clothing store will many times have coupons available at the counter if you simply ask. You also need to check your receipt after you pay for your items. Grocery stores are well known for attaching coupons to the printed sales receipt that can save you on your next visit.

Ø       Go online. Nothing has changed to world of coupon clipping more than the internet. In fact, some coupons can only be found on the internet. Before you take that date that date out to dinner, go online and see if the restaurant has a website. If so, you may find valuable coupons. The same is true for just about any product that you may be interested in.

Now that you’ve discovered the world of online coupons, take a peak at some of the top coupons sites by searching Google. You may not need to look anywhere else. Bookmark these pages and start looking for your next bargain. Happy shopping!

Written By Chris Saunders
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