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GM Pontiac Grand Prix Repair & Maintenance Guides
Links to repair instructions for common problems & maintenance how-to guides for the 1997-2003 GM Pontiac Grand Prix.

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GM 3800 Series II Engine Oil Change Guide
Engine Oil Change Guide

1. GM 3800 Series II 3.8L V6 Engine Oil Change Guide

The General Motors 3800 Series II 3.8L V6 engine is one of the most reliable motors ever manufactured with many of them easily reaching over 250,000 miles.

To keep your Grand Prix running for years to come, the best thing you can do is regularly change the oil. I prefer to change the oil every 5,000 miles with 4.5 U.S. quarts of Mobil 1 10W-30 oil and use a Purolator oil filter.


Pontiac Grand Prix Front Window Motor & Regulator
Front Power Window

2. Pontiac Grand Prix Front Power Window Motor & Regulator Replacement

One of the most common problems that occur with the Pontiac Grand Prix and other GM vehicles is a burnt out window motor or a broken regulator. The driver's window gets the most use and is usually the first to fail.

A replacement power window motor and regulator assembly can be purchased online for about $40 to $60. Only a few simple tools and about an hour are needed to replace one.


Eaton M90 Supercharger Oil Change
Supercharger Oil Change

3. Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Eaton M90 Supercharger Oil Change Guide

The GTP trim level of the Pontiac Grand Prix is equipped with the L67 version of the GM 3800 Series II engine with an Eaton M90 supercharger.

It is advisable to inspect the oil level and occasionally change the supercharger's oil supply with two 4 ounce bottles of GM Supercharger Oil (part # 12345982).


GM Wheel Bearing Hub Replacement Guide
GM Wheel Bearing Hub

4. GM Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly Replacement Guide

Another common issue with the the sixth generation (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003) Pontiac Grand Prix and other GM W-Body vehicles is wheel bearings that wear out and create excessive noise.

If the ABS or TCS OFF warning lights are illuminated on your vehicle's dash panel, the ABS wheels sensors integrated in the wheel hub bearings may have failed.


GM Alternator Replacement Guide
Alternator Replacement

5. GM Pontiac Grand Prix Alternator Replacement Guide

Since I installed two power hungry amplifiers and two 10" subwoofers in the trunk of my Grand Prix, I expected that the original alternator wouldn't last long under the demand.

When it finally gave out after years of reliable use, I replaced it with a remanufactured Bosch ProStart alternator for $140.


GM PCV Valve Replacement Guide
GM PCV Valve Guide

6. GM 3800 Series II PCV Valve Replacement Guide

To prevent reduced fuel economy and engine damage, it's important to check and/or replace the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve regularly.

A new PCV valve for the GM 3800 Series II engine only costs about $3.00 and takes less than 15 minutes to change.


GM ABS & TCS Off Lights Troubleshooting
ABS & TCS OFF Lights

7. GM ABS & TCS OFF Warning Lights Troubleshooting Guide

A faulty WSS (wheel speed sensor) or rubbed ABS wire harness may cause the ABS, TCS OFF and SES lights to illuminate on the vehicle's gauge panel.

In my car's case, a new Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly solved the problem and re-enabled the ABS (anti-lock braking system).


GM Rear Window Motor & Regulator
GM Rear Window Motor

8. GM Pontiac Grand Prix Rear Power Window Motor & Regulator Guide

To date, I've replaced 3 of the 4 original power window motor and regulator assemblies in my 2001 GM Pontiac Grand Prix.

Replacing one of the rear window motor and regulator assemblies is very similar to the procedure for the front driver or passenger door.


GM Power Steering Fluid Guide
Power Steering Fluid

9. GM 3800 Series II Power Steering Fluid Guide

If you can hear the power steering pump whining or groaning when turning the wheel of your Pontiac Grand Prix, you may need to top off the power steering fluid.

My car's power steering system must have developed a small leak since I've had to top off the fluid every 6 to 8 months. The use of "stop leak" power steering fluid has seemed to finally resolve the problem.


GM Front Brake Pads Replacement Guide
Front Brake Pads Guide

10. GM Pontiac Grand Prix Front Brake Pads Replacement Guide

When the front brake pads started squealing on my '01 Grand Prix, I knew it was time to replace them.

For the new brake pads, I chose Satisfied Pro Ceramic VS pads for about $47. I also purchased brake parts cleaner spray and CRC disc brake quiet gel.


GM Rear Brake Pads Replacement Guide
Rear Brake Pads Guide

11. GM Pontiac Grand Prix Rear Brake Pads Replacement Guide

After 90,000 miles, it was time to finally replace the rear brake pads which generally last twice as long as the front brake pads.

I chose the same Satisfied Pro Ceramic VS pads that I put on the front brakes for the rear brakes.


GM Brake Line Fluid Bleeding Guide
Brake Line Fluid Bleeding

12. GM Pontiac Grand Prix Brake Line Fluid Bleeding Guide

If your brake pedal feels mushy or your brakes experience "fade" after spirited driving, you may need to flush out the old brake fluid.

All that is needed for this procedure is an assistant, some new brake fluid, and a few basic hand tools.


GM Headlight & Tail Light Condensation Guide
Tail Light Condensation

13. GM Headlight & Tail Light Condensation Solution Guide

Another common problem with older Pontiac Grand Prix vehicles is condensation or water droplets appearing inside the headlight or tail light assemblies.

The issue can be resolved by sealing up any possible entry point for rain water or humidity with Teflon plumber's tape or silicone sealant.


GM Supercharger Belt Replacement Guide
GM Supercharger Belt

14. GM 3800 Series II Supercharger Belt Replacement Guide

Over time the supercharger belt can become worn and/or stretched out depending on how aggressively you drive your GTP.

If you decide to replace the supercharger pulley with a smaller one for more boost, you'll also need to change out the OEM belt for a slightly smaller belt for a secure fit.


GM Serpentine Belt

15. GM 3800 Series II Serpentine Accessory Belt Replacement Guide

One day while charging up a highway on-ramp, I heard half of my serpentine belt fly apart and rattle around in the engine bay.

Luckily the other half of the belt held on long enough for me to buy a new one at an auto parts store and get the car back home.


Idler & Tensioner Pulleys

16. GM 3800 Series II Idler & Tensioner Pulleys Replacement Guide

If you hear any squeaks or rattles coming from the passenger side of your GM 3800 Series II engine, you may need to replace a worn out idler or tensioner pulley.

My idler and tensioner pulleys didn't spin as easily as I would have liked, so I replaced them at the same time as the serpentine and supercharger belts.


Tail Light Bulbs Guide

17. Pontiac Grand Prix Tail Light Bulbs Replacement Guide

Got a burnt out brake light / parking, reverse or turn signal light bulb in your 6th generation 1997 to 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix?

It only takes a few minutes to swap out the old bulb for a new one and no tools are needed.


Pontiac Grand Prix Headlight Bulbs Guide
Headlight Bulbs Guide

18. Pontiac Grand Prix Headlight Bulbs Replacement Guide

To replace the high beam, low beam or turn signal light bulbs in the headlight assembly of a 97-03 Grand Prix requires a 10mm socket or wrench.

After removing the two 10mm sockets, you can easily access any of the bulbs in the headlight assembly.


Pontiac Grand Prix Third Brake Light Bulb Guide
High Mount Stop Light

19. Pontiac Grand Prix Third Brake Light Bulb Replacement Guide

Replacing a burnt out third brake light bulb in a Pontiac Grand Prix is one of the easiest procedures and can help keep you from being rear ended by another vehicle.



Pontiac Grand Prix Overhead Map Light Bulbs
Overhead Map Lights

20. Pontiac Grand Prix Overhead Map Light Bulbs Replacement Guide

To access either one of the overhead map light bulbs requires removing a few screws and lowering the entire overhead console.



GM Power Window Tracks Lubricating Guide
Window Tracks Lubing

21. GM Power Window Tracks Lubrication Guide

Tired of replacing power window motors & regulator assemblies in your GM vehicle?

Get some silicon spray lubricant or graphite powder lubricant and apply it to the power window tracks inside the doors to allow the windows to move with ease.


GM Power Window Switch Cleaning Guide
Window Switch Cleaning

22. GM Power Window Switch Copper Contact Cleaning Guide

Another possible explanation for intermittently functioning power windows in a GM vehicle is dirty copper contacts inside the window switches.

Over time, carbon build up can prevent power from flowing efficiently through the switch to the power window motor.


Pontiac Grand Prix Fog Light Bulbs Guide
Fog Light Bulbs Guide

23. Pontiac Grand Prix Fog Light Bulbs Replacement Guide

After about eight years of use, one of my fog light bulbs burst.

I bought a set of two new fog light bulbs on eBay for just a few bucks. No tools are necessary to replace a fog light bulb, but removing the assembly can make it an easier job.


GM Key Fob Remote Control Battery Replacement
GM Key Fob Battery

25. GM Key Fob Remote Control Battery Replacement Guide

Has the key fob remote control for your GM vehicle stopped working reliably or does it only work a foot away from the car?

Replacing the battery is an easy job and a 5 pack of new batteries can be bought online for just a dollar or two.


A/C Rubber Elbow Guide

26. GM HVAC System Condensate Drain Pipe Rubber Elbow Cleaning Guide

Near the end of a long drive on a hot South Florida summer day, my passenger noticed some water on the floorboard of the car.

The problem ended up being a clogged HVAC system condensate drain pipe rubber elbow.


Reattach Door Molding

27. Reattach Pontiac Grand Prix Lower Door Molding Guide

The lower door molding trim piece on my driver's door started to fall off after nearly 10 years of opening and closing the door several times a day.

I bought some 3M Super Strong Molding Tape to reattach it. Preparing the surface is the most important part of this procedure.


Headlight Restoration Kit

28. Meguiars Headlight Restoration Buffing Kit Review & Guide

Driving on the highway in heavy traffic and long term exposure to the sun can cause your car's headlights to become pitted, hazy and yellowed.

Rather than replace the headlight assemblies, try polishing them with a product such as the Meguiar's Headlight Restoration buffing kit.


Zaino Show Car Polish Review & Guide
Zaino Bros Car Polish

29. Zaino Bros Show Car Polish Review & Guide

I've been using Zaino Bros car detailing products on my '01 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP since day 1 in August 2001.

The car's paint still looks practically showroom fresh after 10 long years under the Florida sun except for a few dings and scratches. I attribute a lot of that longevity to my consistent use of Zaino products with UV protection properties.


K&N Air Filter Cleaning Guide
K&N Air Filter Cleaning

30. K&N Re-usable Air Filter Cleaning & Oiling Guide

Rather than throwing away that disposable engine air filter and buying a new one, invest in a re-usable K&N Air Filter with a million mile guarantee.

You can either purchase one that fits right into the stock air box or ditch it for a 9" open cone filter that will slightly boost your engine's HP.


GM Low Coolant Light Flashing Guide
GM Low Coolant Light

31. GM "Low Coolant" Light Flashing Repair Guide

If the "Low Coolant" indicator light is flashing on the dashboard of your GM 3800 Series II 3.8L V6 engine equipped vehicle, you may need to clean, replace or just disconnect the coolant level sensor to fix the problem.


GM Pontiac Grand Prix Coolant Change Guide
Coolant Change Guide

32. GM Pontiac Grand Prix Coolant/Antifreeze Change Guide

One of the most neglected areas of vehicle maintenance is the cooling system. Many newer vehicles have coolant or "antifreeze" that the manufacturers claim doesn't need to be changed for as many as 10 years or 100,000 miles.

To help keep the cooling system in your Pontiac Grand Prix working efficiently, I'd recommend draining and filling the radiator with a fresh mixture of 50% coolant and 50% distilled water every few years.


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