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3 Key Steps For Graduating College
Valentino Gives Us Some Insight On How To Graduate From College In A Timely Manner

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Graduating From University for Dummies

(Three sensible steps to help you on your way to earning a degree. Donít worry, you wonít be asked to give up fun.)

Know Thy Instructor. Before you sign up for a class itís a good idea to gather some intelligence on the person who will be teaching the class and how it is taught. If the course you want to sign up for is taught by more than one instructor the method by which the material is presented could mean the difference between enjoying the class or not, or even passing the class or not.

Donít take a class where your grade is based largely on a few tests if you donít test well, and conversely donít enroll in a course that has a heavy emphasis on homework if you are too lazy to keep up with it. If the instructor is a stickler about attendance and you are a fan of the five-day weekend it would be a good idea to find that sort of thing out before you suddenly discover your grade to be a few letters below what you anticipated. So be smart, ask around from people who have been there, and if you have to take a class that you know means trouble for you save at least a few brain cells when you party to help you scrape by.

Know Thy Requirements. Making it to that graduation ceremony is going to be a whole lot easier if you have some idea of what you need to do to get there from fairly early on. Sorry all you free spirits, but things will go much simpler if you try not to change your major half a dozen times. Also it would be a good idea to try to find out what your major will be as soon as possible. Now you may be one of those who goes off to college with, oh say the next thirty years planned. Honestly though, those people arenít reading this article. Use your freshman year to knock out as many of those pesky core requirements as you can, and mix in some introductory courses from different disciplines that you might be interested in. Once you find Ďyour thing,í make it a point to find out exactly what you need to do to satisfy all your major requirements. The last thing you want is to be freaking out your senior year because you missed a requirement that is only offered every other year and, guess what, itís not offered this year. Get a working plan, get a good advisor, and keep your eyes on the prize.

Know Thy Limits. Ok, so everyone knows you donít just go to college to go to school, you go to have a good time too. One hundred and fifty percent of learning goes on outside the classroom right? Not quite. You definitely want to have fun, but keep in mind that you might want to retain some of the information that is thrown at you, especially in your major. Word on the street is potential employers are impressed by graduates who can demonstrate proficiency in the area they supposedly studied for four years. Also you do want to attain your degree in close to four years hopefully. Sure it was hilarious in ďTommy BoyĒ when Chris Farley finally gets his degree with a whopping D+. The sad truth however, is that you are probably not as funny as Mr. Farley was, and most of the laughter aging college slobs inspire is directed at them. Sure you can have a good time and take the occasional mid-week holiday or live it up for a weekend you canít quite remember, but donít get bombed the night before the big Calculus final that could make or break your grade.

There you have it, three simple steps to help you get that nifty tasseled hat and oh so cool robe. You might also want to make it a point to know what it is these people are trying to teach you, but this is just to help you graduate not be a better student. If you want to learn how to do that it might be best to talk to someone who was them-self a good student. Remember, you should always consult your doctor before starting this or any program. Best of luck.

Written By Valentino Diaz III
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