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How To Get Started In Modeling
A Guide To Help Aspiring Models Begin Their Modeling Careers In High Fashion, Swimsuit & Artistic Genres.

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How To Launch Your Modeling Career

By Chelcie Porter

First off, letís do away with the preconceived notion that youíve got to be 6í0íí tall and weigh 120 lbs to be a model.

Thatís simply not true. While runway models are generally taller and thinner there are still a lot of other types of modeling including catalog, commercial and promotional modeling.

Also, letís please get away from the preconceived notion that modeling is easy and that all models are ditzy and lack the good sense God gave a trashcan.  Modeling first off is acting.


You are required to show emotion all day with your face and body, but no sound. So perhaps in a way itís more difficult than acting. Models donít just walk around looking sexy or happy. Theyíre acting and thatís handwork. Secondly as a model you are businessman or woman. Models have to keep track of all the money they earn or owe. So having a good head on your shoulders is necessary to keep your finances straight.

Still interested? Well, first I recommend that you receive some proper training. Take modeling classes that show you how to walk and pose. This will save you a lot of money in future. Keep in mind that modeling school/class is sort of like secondary education for modeling. You couldnít just show up at an IT job with no knowledge of a computer. Therefore you canít just show up at a modeling job without any training.

Next, everyone knows that you need photographs. What is the best and cheapest way to get photos? Search for photographers in your area that are doing TFP or time for print. This means that the photographer will shoot your photos and give you copies of the photos as payment for your time.

When dealing with photographers remember to always read and sign the model release and to get a receipt (if you pay). Now this is where all of your training will come into play once you have learned to pose and angle yourself in front of the camera. A good model can make free photos look like a million bucks.

Incase you arenít able to find TFP photographers in your area then choose carefully and wisely, preferably someone that does on location fashion photography.  After you have your training and photos its time to search for an agency. The best way to do this is to send in copies of your photos to the agency. You can also give them a call if there are agencies in your area or you check the papers for open call announcements. An open call is when an agency opens its door to the public to interview models.

Congratulations, your foot is now in the door. This can be a tricky business so make sure you donít believe everything you hear.  One company that I recommend is Jabo Model Management. Jabo specializes in training models and then assisting models  in finding  agencies. Jabo also offers a photo evaluation which pairs you up with agencies that are looking for your exact stats.

Written By Chelcie Porter
Rights Purchased By Paul & Party Pursuit


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