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If The Shoe Fits . . . Buy It!
Chris Saunders Explains The Nuances Of Purchasing Well Fitting Foot Wear

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Are you feet aching? Do you have a nagging injury that keeps flaring up every time you play your favorite sport? Believe it or not, it could be your shoes.

It doesnít matter what sport youíre involved in, have the proper footwear can make all the difference. Whether your picking a running, walking or cross training shoe, it is important that you choose the shoe that best fits your needs. 

The shoes that you wear around campus are just fine for walking, but if you plan on doing regular physical activity in them, they may not offer the support that you need. Itís time to suck it up and find a pair of shoes that will make you feet happy and keep you healthy.

Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind next time youíre looking for a new pair of sneakers:

Find the perfect fit.  

Donít choose a pair of shoes because they look coolóchoose the pair that best fits your feet.  All of us have different foot types.  Some of us have flat feet, others have high arches and therefore we all need different types of shoes.  Find out your foot type and then start your search.

Get some help. 

The nice thing about this expert advice is that it isnít going to cost you any extra.  Go to a specialty store or any store that sells only athletic shoes (Foot Locker, Finish Line). 

The experts at these stores can find the perfect shoe to fit all of your needs. Even if you donít buy from them, they can give you advice that you can take elsewhere. You can even use their advice and search for the same model online.

Donít be cheap. 

This is not the time to find the best deal.  Stay off the sale racks and choose the best shoe that you can afford.  You donít have to pay $150 for a pair of shoes, but plan on spending between $50-100 for most middle of the line shoes. Stay away from department stores, as they often only carry the cheapest models that shoe companies make.  

Buy in the evening. 

Wait until the end of the day to purchase your next pair of shoes.  Your feet swell during the day and after being on your feet all day it can make as much as a half size difference.  You should have about a fingers width of room in the front of your shoe. And please, make sure the shoe fits before you leave the store.

Know when to retire your shoes. 

Just like getting an oil change, your shoes will need to be periodically changed.  No you canít get 3000 miles out of them, but you probably plans on using them for several months.

Runners typically can get about 500 miles out of a good pair.  If you start getting minor aches in pains in your legs, it may be time to send them into retirement.


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