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A Trip To San Diego California
Frank Tells Us About His Experience Visiting San Diego, a sunny city in Southern California.

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My crew and I only spent one night in San Diego, but I feel comfortable that it was enough time for me to sum up the city. Many aspects of the city reminded me of Florida; great weather, mostly nice people, but with hills and mountains thrown in the mix.

We checked into a Radisson that had broadband internet, cleaned up and headed out to find food before the nightlife escaped us. Being that it was late our best option was Hooters (none of us complained too loudly).

After a couple of pitchers of brew, we asked our Hooters waitress where the hot spot was on a Thursday night. She suggested “Pacific Beach” and assured us that the shorts we had worn were appropriate. I didn’t see too many people at the place who came straight from the beach but our attire fit right in to this laid back atmosphere.

I had never been to California before so I didn’t know what to expect as far as the people were concerned, but I soon realized that from Florida to California college kids are pretty much the same. I couldn’t help but notice how many Asian people were there. My buddy, “the Asian lover” as I like to call him, was in heaven.

We got to “PB” at midnight so we only had a short forty-five minutes before last call. We were hoping that San Diego partied till at least two since SoFL has us spoiled on four am last calls but no big deal. Within no time the lights were on and the overly pushy bouncers were corralling us out the front door.

Apparently having a conversation on the sidewalk anywhere near “PB” was also persistently discouraged. The bouncers didn’t seem content until we were far from their sight. That send-off left me with a warm fuzzy feeling about “PB.”

            I’d definitely like to visit San Diego again. Next time it’ll be a weekend and we’ll find a college party or at the very least see how wild downtown can get on a Friday night.

Written By Frank Rictorenson Jr.
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