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So You Want To See Other People?
Angelo Maddox Explores One of the Most Dreaded Relationship Experiences

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So you think we should see other people?

By:  Angelo Maddox

Are relationships a phase during college?  Or can two people actually meet their freshman year and end up in a committed long lasting relationship. 

Lots of kids our age feel like relationships are a temporary arrangement.  Something they need to do to gain experience for what is to come. 

These "practice runs" are set up with only one person’s interest in mind. You meet the guy (or girl), you play hard to get.  You win them over and then pretend for awhile that it's going to be happy forever after.

The types of people playing the little games of relationships in your college scene are endless.  But I've narrowed the field to two. There are the serial killers. They go from one "friend" to the next but can't ever be committed to just one person. Always being able to be in a relationship but playing their field at the same time.  Then we have our hopeless romantics, forever in love and ever ready to marry. Never understanding why it didn't work out or thinking single is the only way. What makes fooling around with someone else's heart such a fun activity for people? 

Depending on your back ground, it's not a far stretch to gather that most any one is brought up feeling committed relationships are like picking up shells on the beach.  You can have just about anyone you want. All you have to do is walk around long enough, find something nice to look at.  Reach out for it, then throw it out after you get too busy, uninterested or find something else.  Where is the logic in this madness?  Why don't people our age want to work out
their differences?  Is it because there are plenty of fish in the sea?  Forty three percent of colleges introduced their
largest freshmen classes in the fall of 2003.

Having the thought that love will reveal it's self to you when the time is right seems to be a great idea.
Then you lose all the worry that goes along with dating, relationships and the friends with benefits
category (if that counts).  You never have to give up yourself or your independence.  Independence is most
peoples motive when in or out of relationships.  We either need someone to feel stable and normal, or we
use people to fulfill some inadequacy in our own personality.

The struggle to feel free to be your self with another person often can end relationships.  Then
again, it can also begin them.  Maybe seeing other people isn't a bad idea.  By doing so you're able to
find someone easier to deal with. But is breaking up the way to deal with differing views?  Could this further
our problems by rearing up in other parts of our life?  Or should we try to understand each other and work out our problems?  But why would we want to do that when it's so much easier to just date someone else?

Life has gotten extremely easy for many college students in the United States. We party, have lives
funded by parents, grants or student loans.  Go to therapy or take medication if we feel a little depressed.  Dine out for most of our meals.  Have most transportation provided for us.  Sleep till late in the afternoons, have free medical insurance,  and rarely work.  What would make one think that our relationships should be any more difficult?

Since ideals are vague, people aren't sure what they can or can't expect anymore.  With so many kids in our 18-25 year old age group with divorced parents our concept of marriage is hopeless.  Are we really all the products of superficial lust our parents had in their high school or college years?  Is the romance movies and novels portray so beautifully actually real?  So the next time you think to yourself that it may be time for you to see other people.  Question
your motive and see if you're taking the easy way out.

Written By Angelo Maddox
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