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Guide To Creating The Stereotypical College Apartment
A step by step instruction guide to decorating your dorm room or university apt. just like every other student before you.

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For The Stereotypical College Apartment

So you’re heading off to college and you’re tired of trying to be unique?

Well here’s your step by step guide to decorating your apartment just like every other student past and present.

Amend and tailor this list to accommodate the cultural and socio-economic differences in your area. Have fun, and be sure to take as many pictures as possible so you can remember what an idiot you were in college.

  1.  Assorted bottles filled with highlighter fluid. Bottles with an interesting story attached to the night they were consumed are best. Choose the backlighting of your choice.

  2. Any of several gaming devices including: dart board, pool table, foosball table, old arcade games, etc etc.

  3. The most varied and eclectic collection of old couches that you can find. Don’t worry about stains or pet odors; you can always toss an old comforter over the whole thing.

  4. Street signs: “No Dumping Allowed” on the bathroom door, “Speed Humps” on the bedroom door. If you didn’t snatch them yourself then just make up a funny story. You’ll believe it yourself after you tell it a hundred times.

  5.  Neon signs, cheap posters, black light art….whatever random junk you can find.

  6. Mini dorm fridge filled with beverages for placing next to your stained couches.

  7. Several gaming consoles ranging from antique to cutting edge. (The best way to waste your parents money!)

  8. Random cups and glasses to stock your cabinets. Buying a set of generic glasses is boring. Variety is the spice of life baby. Sometimes I’m in the mood to drink out of an 8oz Garfield glass from my childhood, while other times I crave a 64oz cup shaped like a football.

  9. Empty aluminum beverage shells to book end your entertainment center is a nice touch. Try to hose them off so your place doesn’t get that putrid old Elmer’s glue smell.

  10. An overly large TV and/or stereo system that doesn’t quite fit into your crappy apartment rounds off the décor.

Written by Paul -

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