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Village of Merrick Park Shopper's Review
A consumer's opinion of the Village of Merrick Park upscale outdoor mall located in the Coral Gables suburb of Miami, FL.

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I visited the Village of Merrick Park in Miami over the Fourth of July weekend and I was really impressed with the quality of the shopping mall.  I wouldn’t put it on the must do list of a weekend tourist, but if you live in Miami this is definitely a place you need to see. 

The mall consists of many upper-scale shops surrounding a beautiful courtyard.  I went just to admire the fountains and architecture, since the high-end shops are way out of my budget.  Although a Borders book store was recently opened, so there is at least one shop I could afford.   

If you have young kids, then this mall would make a wonderful and free afternoon.  There were about a dozen young kids splashing in the fountain located in the center of the courtyard.   

It was one of those fountains that look like a simple concrete patio until the water begins spraying from the ground. So bring the kids and a packed lunch and enjoy a free afternoon of watching the kids try to capture the water that sprays like geysers from the courtyard.

The entire courtyard is great for pictures.  There are several sculptures on the ground level, my favorite were the bronze peacocks!  The palm trees are so tall that they remind me more of California than Miami, but the make a great backdrop to pictures from the second floor.  Anther great picture spot is the stairwell on the north side.  Have your kids line up near the concrete sides in front of the flowers and you have your own wall art.  

If you are into shopping or just want to peak at designer clothing and shoes than this is definitely the mall for you.  I was surprised at how welcoming the sales associates were at all of the expensive stores.  I actually felt comfortable walking into Tiffany’s and telling the sales person that I was just browsing.  I was even more surprised to have a sales lady at the Gucci store complement me on my dress. 

I finally had a chance to look at shoes worthy of Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and The City when I entered Jimmy Choo’s store.  I also salivated over Coach bags that were worth two months of my salary!   

There were a few stores that I would consider normal and shoppable, like Victoria’s Secret and The United Colors of Benetton.  It was actually really nice shopping in Victoria Secret, because there were only three other women in the store and the displays were very far apart.  It was like shopping in an upscale boutique, but with somewhat normal prices.  The most surprising part of the uncluttered appearance of Victoria’s Secret was that it was during the Semi-Annual Sale.  So for once, I was able to look through properly sorted panties in my size without bumping elbows with someone! 

Now if you are looking for upscale lingerie, you won’t be disappointed.  The mall has La Perla, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.  Some of my favorite designers included, Betsy Johnsom, Roberto Cavalli, Luca Luca and Diane von Furstenberg.  There were also some children’s fashion stores; Babycottons, Benetton 012, Bognar & Piccolin, and Janie & jack.  If you are shopping for your home check out Home Design Store, Rugs by Zhaleh and Chef’s Corner.   

One of my favorite stores was an adorable furniture shop for kids called Cilek 0 to 24.  The shop had dozens of kids rooms set up in an assortment of styles.  There was more than just a racecar bed and princess bed, but an entire room themed with a child in mind. 

If all of that shopping makes you hungry you can get a quick snack at C’est Bon Café or go for a wonderful dinner at The Palm Restaurant.  We saw some entertainment setting up on the ground floor when we were leaving around 7pm, so find a good seat outside and enjoy being in Miami, even if you are a local. 

Written By Jessica

For pictures and some general visitor information please visit the Village of Merrick Park Photo Gallery.

Village of Merrick Park Photo Gallery


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