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Big Pocono State Park - Tobyhanna, Monroe County, PA
Pictures and visitor info from a visit to Big Pocono State Park located in Tobyhanna, Monroe County, Pennsylvania.

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Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-001 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-002 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-003
Visiting Big Pocono State Park was one of the bride's planned group activities during this weekend trip for a friend's wedding in the Poconos mountain region.

The park is located in northeastern Pennsylvania near the town of Tobyhanna and covers over 1300 acres of Monroe County.

One of the most popular reasons to visit Big Pocono State Park is to climb to the summit of Camelback Mountain. There you can enjoy excellent views of eastern Pennsylvania and parts of New York and New Jersey.

In winter, many people visit to go skiing at the Camelback Ski Corporation's facilities and stay at the resort.

Some of the other recreational oppurtunities include hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, picnicking, horseback riding, wildlife watching, and biking.

Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-004 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-005 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-006
Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-007 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-008 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-009
Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-010 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-011 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-012
Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-013 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-014 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-015

Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-016 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-017 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-018
Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-019 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-020 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-021
Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-022 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-023 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-024
Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-025 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-026 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-027
Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-028 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-029 Big-Pocono-State-Park-Monroe-County-PA-030
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