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Broken Plastic Toilet Flange Replacement Guide
How to chisel out an old broken toilet closet flange and install a new one to fix a leaky or wobbly toilet with pictures.

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1995 Toilet - Cracked Flange
Pry Off Plastic Bolt Caps
Plastic Cap Removed
If your toilet has been wobbling or rocking excessively and there is water leaking out at the bottom, you probably need to replace a faulty plastic closet flange.

The toilet closet flange is the plastic fitting that attaches the toilet to the waste water sewer drain pipe.

If you are replacing the closet flange, you will probably also need to view my Toilet Wax Seal Replacement Guide.

There are a variety of toilet closet flanges available at hardware stores such as The Home Depot, Lowes and Ace Hardware that range in price from just a few dollars to over $20.

I chose a standard Sioux Chief Model # 886-PPK which was only a few dollars and looked exactly the same as the 20 year old flange that I was replacing.

The tools needed to complete this procedure include a flathead screwdriver, an adjustable wrench or pliers, a small wrench set or socket set with a ratcheting wrench, a hack saw (optional), a hammer, PVC pipe cement and a rubber mallet.


Hard Water Mineral Deposit
Loosen Compression Nut
Disconnect Water Supply
Gently pry off the plastic caps that cover the closet bolt ends holding the toilet bowl in place to the floor.

Disconnect the water supply line from the bottom of the toilet tank by turning the compression nut at the top of the hose in the counterclockwise direction.

Water Line Disconnected
Loosen Toilet Nuts
Saw Off Corroded Bolt End
Loosen the two toilet nuts in the counterclockwise direction with a wrench or a socket and a ratcheting wrench.

This toilet had 11mm nuts. Your toilet may have slightly larger or smaller nuts.

If the old bolt is corroded and you can't remove the nut with a wrench, you may need to cut through it with a hack saw.

Pry Off Old Metal Washer
Old Cracked Closet Flange
Broken On Left Side
Pry off the old metal washers from the end of the closet bolts.

Carefully lift the toilet off the floor and set it aside in a safe place.

The closet flange on this waste water drain pipe was broken on the left side which caused the wax seal to break and led to a water leak.


Chip Out With Screwdriver
Old Flange Chiseled Out
New Plastic Flange
Very carefully chip out the old plastic closet flange that is glued to the 4" waste water sewer pipe by using the flathead screwdriver as a chisel.

Try to avoid hitting the chisel with the hammer too hard to prevent from damaging the 4" drain pipe.

Clean up the inside of the drain pipe with a towel and then sand it smooth with some sandpaper.

Oatey PVC Cement
Apply Glue To New Flange
Tap Level With Mallet
Try to match the orientation of the closet bolt slots on the new Sioux Chief flange with how they were positioned on your old flange.

Have your rubber mallet ready because you won't have much time to position the flange before the glue sets.

Apply some PVC cement liberally to the outer edge of the closet flange and also some to the inside of the drain pipe.

Quickly push the flange in to the drain pipe and tap it down flush with the floor by hitting it with the rubber mallet.

If you need to replace your old wax seal, take a look at my Sani Seal Polyurethane Toilet Flange Gasket Install Guide.

For more, check out my other Home Repair & Maintenance DIY Guides.

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