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Butterfly World - Tradewinds Park, Coconut Creek, FL
Pictures, a video clip, & visitor info from a trip to Butterfly World located in Tradewinds Park, Coconut Creek, Florida.

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Butterfly World Entrance
Welcome & Info Sign
Calliope Hummingbird
Butterfly World is, in my humble opinion, one of the best tourist attractions in South Florida. The relaxing ambiance is created by the lush tropical foliage, soothing music and of course thousands of colorful butterflies fluttering around.

The admission prices for Butterfly World are $24.95 per adult, and $19.95 for children aged 3 to 11. We enjoyed our first visit so much that we went straight to the membership counter on the way out and paid the $15.05 difference to upgrade our tickets to the $40 annual passes.

Butterfly World is located inside Tradewinds Park at 3600 West Sample Road, Coconut Creek, FL 33073. The staff can be reached by phone at (954) 977-4400.

Visitors are welcome at Butterfly World from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Saturday and from 11 AM to 5 PM on Sundays.

Butterfly Cocoons
Thomas C. Emmel Lab
Polydamas Swallowtail
Some of the features of Butterfly World include the Thomas C. Emmel Butterfly Laboratory & Research Center, the Grand Plaza Welcoming Center, the Paradise Adventure Butterfly Aviary, the cocoon "Emerging Area", the Hanging Garden, the Tropical Rain Forest Aviary, the Grace Gardens, the Wings of the World Secret Garden, the Garden Gazebo, the Lakeside Cafe, the English Rose Garden, the Lorikeet Encounter, the Tinalandia Suspension Bridge, the Jewels of the Sky Aviary, the Macaw Landing, an Insectarium & Preserved Butterflies Museum, the Bug Zoo, the Butterfly Garden Plant Shop, and the Butterfly World Gift Shop.
Bird Fountain & Pond
White Butterfly
Bright Red Butterfly
Butterfly World is the largest butterfly park in the world with around 10,000 butterflies on display year round. Most of the 150+ species of butterflies are bred at Butterfly World or at their nearby farms. About 50 species can be seen at any one time of the year. Some species of butterflies are imported from other butterfly breeders, farms or laboratories across the globe.
Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-010 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-011
Blue & Green Bird
Banana Slices
Some of the most commonly seen types of butterflies at Butterfly World are the Florida Atala, Blue Pansy, Argema Mittrei, Blue Morpho, Cassius Blue, Dolpha Evelina, Zebra Butterfly, Emerald Swallowtail, Heliconius Hortense, Morpho Banded, Lexias Dertia, Papilio Thoas, Prepona Omphale, Queen, Siproeta Epaphus, Trumala Septentrionis, Troides Helena, and the Vindula Erota.
Manicured Gardens
Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-014 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-015
Although the eclectic variety of brightly colored butterflies are the principal attraction at Butterfly World, my favorite areas to visit are the aviaries filled with small tropical birds and hummingbirds. Skip ahead to Page 3 of the gallery to see the birds.
Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-016 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-017 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-018
A few of the birds that can be seen in the Butterfly World aviaries include the Blue Cheeked Cordon Bleu, Green Heron, Calliope, Burnished Buff Tanager, Lady Gouldian Finch, Japanese White Eyes, Shaftail Finches, Madagascar Red Fodie, Red Headed Parrot Finch, Southern Bishop Weaver, Red Collared Widow, Red Legged Honeycreeper, Sparkling Violet Ear Hummingbird, Streamertails, Lorikeets, Macaw Parrots, Yellow Legged Honeycreeper, and the Violaceous Euphorias.
Green & Black Butterfly
Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-020 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-021
Butterfly World is definitely a photography enthusiast's paradise but capturing pictures of the attraction's creatures can prove to be challenging. I had much better luck during our second visit when I brought along my Canon S5 IS "superzoom" digital camera and the Canon 430EX external flash. The external flash made it much easier to freeze the movement of butterfly wings, reduce the omnipresent shadows, and capture the truly vibrant colors of the tropical birds.
Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-022 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-023 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-024
During our visit, I also captured a series of short video clips and edited them together into one short movie. To hear and see what it's like to visit Butterfly World, click on the large blue link below. The video is encoded in the Windows Media Video (WMV) format, runs about two minutes long and has a file size of 32 MB. To download the file to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Butterfly World Video Clip - Butterflies, Birds & Botanical Gardens - Coconut Creek, FL

Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-025 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-026
Green Hummingbird

Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-028 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-029 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-030
Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-031 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-032 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-033
Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-034 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-035 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-036
Bright Red Bird
Bright Orange Flower
Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-040 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-041 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-042
Hanging Garden
 Pupa Emerging Area
Butterfly Cocoons Hanging
Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-046 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-047
Tropical Rain Forest Area
Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-049 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-050
Red Passion Flower
Passion Flower Info Sign
Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-053 Butterfly-World-Coconut-Creek-FL-054
To see the rest of my 200+ pictures from this trip to Butterfly World, click on the "Next" or "Last" buttons to advance to the other three gallery pages.

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