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CORT Furniture Rental Service Review - Jacksonville, FL
A consumer's experience with the CORT Furniture Rental Service in Jacksonville, FL including pictures and prices.

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Queen Size Mattress
CORT-Furniture-Rental-Review-Jacksonville-FL-002 CORT-Furniture-Rental-Review-Jacksonville-FL-003
Night Stand & Lamp
For a stay of just a few months in Jacksonville, we found that it was less expensive to sublease a vacant apartment and rent furniture rather than find a furnished "corporate" apartment or a vacation rental.

Several apartment complex leasing agents and real estate agents recommended that we check out the CORT Furniture Rental Service.

I visited the CORT website and selected the "Manager's Special" package priced at $179.99 per month for a six month lease. (The price went up slightly for a shorter term lease.)

The package includes a queen size bed with headboard, a night stand, a couch with matching chair, a coffee table with matching end table, two lamps, a dresser with mirror, and a dining table with four chairs.

Dresser Drawers
Comfortable Queen Bed
Black Wood Headboard
I really appreciated how the entire furniture leasing process with CORT was easily completed via email with just one confirmation phone call on the delivery day. Not included in the monthly rental price was a $155 delivery and pick up charge, a $12.25 one time tax, and $19.95 in "other fees". After paying the initial charges including the first month's rent, the CORT representative conveniently offered to set up "Auto-Pay" on our account with my credit card information.
Dresser & Mirror
Microfiber Sofa Chair
Microfiber Polyester
The CORT truck arrived about 20 minutes early and the delivery men began moving some of the furniture to the front door of the apartment just before we drove into the complex. The delivery men worked quickly and took care to not damage the front door or walls of the apartment.


Dining Table & 4 Chairs
2nd Lamp
Living Room End Table
I was very pleased with the quality of CORT's furniture especially considering the reasonable rental price. The bed is comfortable, the micro fiber polyester couch and sofa chair look brand new, and the dresser was larger than expected. The coffee table, dining table, and end table are simple yet perfect for our needs.

Due to the recent stories about problems with bed bugs across the country, we purchased a queen sized mattress protector plastic bag that zips up over the entire bed as a precaution. The mattress looks almost brand new, so I'm not too concerned about this issue.

Microfiber Sofa/Couch
CORT-Furniture-Rental-Review-Jacksonville-FL-014 CORT-Furniture-Rental-Review-Jacksonville-FL-015
Coffee Table
Overall, our furniture rental experience with CORT has been excellent with nothing but pleasant surprises and great customer service.

Having CORT as an option for our furniture needs allowed us to widen our search for a short term apartment. We ended up paying a few hundred dollars less per month for a larger apartment with better amenities than the fully furnished "corporate" and vacation rental units.

A savvy shopper with access to a truck would very likely have been able to spend less by buying used furniture on Craigslist and later selling it quickly at a reduced price. For us, the convenience of having everything we needed delivered and later picked up is well worth paying CORT's reasonable rental rates.

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