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Los Angeles Rush Hour Traffic
Pictures From The Second Leg of Our California Vacation Driving In To LA At 5:00PM Gridlock

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4:55 PM Rush Hour Begins
The second leg of our California working vacation took us North from San Diego to Los Angeles on Interstate 5 (I-5). At 4:55pm we arrived in LA just in time for rush hour.

We didn't have to be anywhere that afternoon so it wasn't a big deal. All that time sitting in traffic gave me the opportunity to play with the satellite radio and the other fancy features on our rental car.

Her frequent customer privileges at Dollar Car Rental allowed us to upgrade to a Jeep Grand Cherokee for free. This brand new SUV had a powerful 5.7 liter V8 HEMI engine.

My girlfriend's company was paying for gas so I didn't mind going WOT (wide open throttle) on every launch. I'm sure I only got about 14mpg the entire trip.

LA-Rush-Hour-04 LA-Rush-Hour-05 LA-Rush-Hour-06
Downtown LA Skyline

As we were driving through down town LA in the stop and go rush hour traffic, I snapped a few pictures of the skyscrapers that I could see from the highway. I had been to Los Angeles once before a few years back, but I only drove through the city at night, so being able to see the buildings and scenery was a first for me.

Los Angeles Skyscrapers
LA-Rush-Hour-08 LA-Rush-Hour-09

I don't have any more pictures from our day in LA since she only had one student group scheduled at the University of California at Los Angeles aka UCLA. Her group was a Fraternity that wasn't very motivated to raise funds for their organization so the fundraising event ran long. So we didn't have time to go explore the rest of Los Angeles before heading on up to Santa Barbara.

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