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Marina Beach Motel - Santa Barbara, California
Pictures and a review of our stay at the Marina Beach Motel on Bath St. in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA.

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Breakfast Table
Door To Bedroom
Since we're from Florida, and don't have any friends or family in California we had to rely solely on the internet to find a hotel in Santa Barbara for the last and longest leg of our California vacation.

Luckily, the campus we were currently visiting had free high speed wireless internet. I went to several websites including Travelocity, Orbitz,, Cheap Tickets, and a variety of other travel resources reading traveler reviews of all the hotels in Santa Barbara.

We really wanted to be close to the beach so that we could go for a stroll on the beach during the sunset and other mushy romantic stuff like that.

I read somewhere that the Marina Beach Motel was only 33 steps from the beach. I checked the hotel's location on MapQuest and it looked pretty close to me. The Marina Beach Motel's address is 21 Bath St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.


When we arrived it was dark outside but the hotel looked quiet and quaint.

I took pictures of the room before we brought our luggage in so that I could remember what it looked like uncluttered.

Our room was the smallest type of room at the Marina Beach Motel but I thought it was perfect for our needs.

The kitchen was small and cozy with a nice backyard patio.

I'm pretty sure the bed was a full but it may have been a queen. I can't remember exactly.

TV, Table & Chairs
Marina-Beach-Motel-05 Marina-Beach-Motel-06
Comfy Bed

The room also contained a good sized TV with a small table and two comfy chairs where I could work on my laptop while using their free wireless broadband internet service. I found that the speed of their internet connection fluctuated slightly depending on the day of the week and time of day.

Bathroom Sink
Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
Parking Lot & Office

On the left you'll see a picture of the bathroom sink. By now you've realized that I take pictures of everything. In the middle is a picture of our view from the front door which shows you the sweet rental car I got to drive the entire week. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo had a big 5.7 Liter HEMI engine that got poor gas mileage but it sure gave me miles of smiles when I floored it at every opportunity.

The third picture in the row above is of the Marina Beach Motel courtyard. The hotel is shaped like a "C" with the courtyard in the center, the parking spots next, and finally the actual building. On the right hand side of that picture is where you can borrow a bicycle for free to go ride down to the Santa Barbara pier which is known as Stearns Wharf.

Backyard Patio
Marina Beach Motel Sign

The 2nd to last picture above give you a little preview of the backyard patio that came with our room at the Marina Beach Motel. One morning we had breakfast outside while lounging on the blue patio furniture. We tossed a few bread crumbs to the small birds that were hopping around on the wooden fence. There's very little traffic on Bath St. and the street that flanked our side of the hotel, so we never heard cars honking or engines rumbling.

On the right, you'll see my very last picture of the Marina Beach Motel which is their sign. We hope to some day take another trip to California and perhaps stay a few nights at this hotel just to relive our memories from the last trip and create new ones.

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