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Pacific Coast Highway Pictures
Images From Our Pit Stop Along The PCH 101 Freeway In California

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After finishing up in Los Angeles, my girlfriend and I drove North towards Santa Barbara to finish up the rest of our "working vacation" in California.

I saw signs indicating that a scenic portion of the famous Pacific Coast Highway (aka PCH 101) was coming up. We pulled the rental car over for a few minutes to snap some pictures with my digital camera.

The sun was shining and quite a few RVs (recreational vehicles) had also pulled over to enjoy the scenic view of the Pacific.

PCH101-04 PCH101-05
Pacific Coast Highway Picture

Once we got back in the rental car, I floored the 5.7L V8 HEMI that powered our Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo rental SUV and snapped a few last pictures in rapid succession using the continuous mode on my Canon Powershot SD110 digital camera.

PCH101-07 PCH101-08
PCH 101 California Photo

I wish I had captured a few AVI video clips so that you could see more of the view than just a snapshot can offer.

PCH101-10 PCH101-11 PCH101-12

The scenery started to disappear as the PCH 101 highway turned into a plain old interstate highway. Our next stop would be the Marina Beach Motel in Santa Barbara on Bath Street. At this point in our trip we hadn't really had much time to do anything fun. Most of our time had been spent traveling or helping student groups with their fundraisers. So we had been confined to the rental car, a hotel room, a college campus or sorority house.

PCH101-13 PCH101-14 PCH101-15

These pictures of the Pacific Coast Highway mark the transition of our trip from hectic days in San Diego and Los Angeles to our fun filled week in Santa Barbara California.

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