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Santa Barbara California
Pictures From Our Vacation In Beautiful Santa Barbara California

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When we arrived in Santa Barbara we first went and checked in at the Marina Beach Motel and then we drove around the city to get acquainted.

We noticed a fresh fruits and vegetables stand on the side of the road so we stopped to buy a few strawberries.

The waterfall was actually in front of an upscale apartment complex but it was very attractive so we just pretended that it was a natural scene that we were lucky to come across and snapped a few pictures.

Fresh California Strawberries
Santa-Barbara-Sights-05 Santa-Barbara-Sights-06
Santa Barbara Bike Path

The hotel we chose, Marina Beach Motel, was only 33 steps from the beach so we took a stroll along the concrete sidewalk that runs almost the entire length of the Santa Barbara beach. We have plenty of Palm trees in Florida but the extremely tall Palm trees in Santa Barbara were awesome and very photogenic.

Santa-Barbara-Sights-07 Santa-Barbara-Sights-08
Santa Barbara Beach

I thought that the sand on the California beaches would be nicer but I was actually slightly disappointed that the sand seemed a bit brown rather than the white powder we're used to in Florida.

At one point I walked over and tested the water with my toes.

I've heard that the Pacific Ocean was cold but it didn't hit home until a frigid wave splashed up on my legs.

Don't take my complaints too seriously. The beach, the views, and the weather were all wonderful.

Santa-Barbara-Sights-10 Santa-Barbara-Sights-11 Santa-Barbara-Sights-12

Right near the Santa Barbara pier, which is named Stearns Wharf, there was a large sculpture that featured a few dolphins jumping into the air.

Stearns Wharf Picture
Rusty's Pizza Parlor

We did end up walking down to the end of Stearns Wharf but since we bought ice cream at a little shop, I didn't take any pictures. The first picture in this row gives you a far off glimpse at the Santa Barbara beach and the pier. The middle picture in this row is of Rusty's Pizza Parlor in Santa Barbara California, which is located inside an old lighthouse building.

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