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Photos From Our Brief Stop In The City Of Ventura California

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My girlfriend's grandfather spent part of his life living in Ventura California, so when we saw the signs for Ventura on the highway we decided to stop and take a few pictures for him.

The sign above pointed towards Ventura Harbor, McGrath State Beach, and the Channel Islands Harbor.

I knew her grandfather would really appreciate that we took the time to document the changes to one of his first cities that he called home.




Ventura-California-07 Ventura-California-08 Ventura-California-09

We pulled into the Ventura Harbor Village and found a parking spot. Then we walked around and took a few pictures of the Ventura Beach and all the sailboats in the Ventura Harbor.

Ventura-California-10 Ventura-California-11 Ventura-California-12

Ventura-California-13 Ventura-California-14 Ventura-California-15
Ventura-California-16 Ventura-California-17 Ventura-California-18

On Spinnaker drive we found the Ventura Isle Marina which was the home of a great variety of sailboats, schooners, and large yachts.

Ventura-California-19   Ventura-California-20

Our pictures from Ventura California brought back a lot of memories for her grandfather who currently lives in Mississippi.

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