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La Isla Interactive Aquarium
Pictures from a trip to La Isla Shopping Mall & The Interactive Aquarium In Cancun Mexico.

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Moray Eel Picture

On the last day of our extended weekend trip to Cancun Mexico we took a taxi ride over to La Isla Shopping Mall at KM 12 on Kukulcan Blvd. The taxi ride from the Omni Cancun Hotel cost 70 pesos or about $7.00 American Dollars.

The map we were given at the Omni Cancun had an ad for La Isla and the Interactive Aquarium. It was only $14.00 per person for general admission so we went in to check out all the sea life.

I was trying to save my cash for the clubs, so I was glad to see that they accepted Visa, and Mastercard debit or credit cards.

Outside of the Interactive Aquarium there were billboards that had pictures and artistic drawings of some of the creatures that could be found inside.

Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-04 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-05 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-06
Dolphin Skeleton Picture

     In the first room there were a group of tanks that were lit up while the room itself was kept quite dark. I turned on my flash for one picture and was told that flash photography was discouraged. I didn't catch the specific names of any of the fish or the cool looking skeleton. But hey, I'm on vacation so give me a break.

Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-07 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-08 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-09

Turtle Swimming Picture
Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-11 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-12

     Beyond the darkened room full of fish tanks was a large open aquarium where you could pet the stingrays. We weren't allowed to touch the turtles and the small sharks kept to themselves on the other side of the tank. We were told to wash our hands at the hand washing station nearby before we could touch the stingray.

Sting Ray Petting Tank
Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-14 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-15
Stingray Picture

I actually didn't pet the stingray since I wasn't in the mood to wash my hands and feel a slimy creature.

Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-16 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-17 Interactive-Aquarium-La-Isla-Cancun-18

I wonder if this turtle was curious about me or my shiny silver Canon SD110 digital camera. He kept on swimming back and forth and sticking his head out of the water when I put the Powershot close to take a pic.


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