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Lorito Joe's Lobster Shack In Cancun Mexico
Pictures From Our Lunch At Lorito Joe's Lobster Shack Restaurant In Cancun Mexico On Kukulcan Blvd.

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Lorito Joe's Menu Cover

View of the Lagoon
Lorito Joe's Open Air Patio
On the last day of our Spring Break trip to Cancun Mexico in 2006, we ate lunch at Lorito Joe's Lobster Shack.

We ate there on a Sunday at 12:30pm and the seafood restaurant was completely empty.

It was nice having the entire place to ourselves while we ate. We chose a table right by the water so that we could watch the fish swim around. Our waiter told us that occasionally a crocodile would swim up near the restaurant.




Our waiter was very attentive and courteous. He would open our water bottles for us and top off our glasses whenever they were low. Once he gave us our menus I saw that Lorito Joe's had a nice variety of appetizers or "entradas" that included jalapeno poppers, calamari rings, gator bites, crab cakes and stuffed mushrooms. We chose the jalapeno poppers that were served with a marina sauce and some garlic butter.
Lorito-Joes-Restaurant-Cancun-07 Lorito-Joes-Restaurant-Cancun-08 Lorito-Joes-Restaurant-Cancun-09

The entrees available at Lorito Joe's during our Spring Break 2006 trip included Caribbean lobster tail, blue crab, Alaskan king crab, jumbo stone crab, coconut shrimps, salmon filet, mahi mahi, yellow fin tuna, and grouper. Besides seafood they also had a nice selection of other entrees including rib eye steak, filet mignon angus, top sirloin, chicken breast, and fajitas.

Lorito-Joes-Restaurant-Cancun-10 Lorito-Joes-Restaurant-Cancun-11 Lorito-Joes-Restaurant-Cancun-12

I wasn't in the mood for seafood so I chose the rib eye steak and my girlfriend had the fajitas. The food arrived quickly and it was very good. The next time we're in Cancun I'll definitely stop in to enjoy the view and have a nice meal. We'll have to go early in our trip, before my stomach gets subjected to all those nights out at the clubs, so that I can try some of the sea food.

Lorito-Joes-Restaurant-Cancun-13 Lorito-Joes-Restaurant-Cancun-14 Lorito-Joes-Restaurant-Cancun-15

While we ate at Lorito Joe's Lobster Shack, we saw several boats zip by in the distance. They weren't close enough to be bothersome. All the boats did is create a tiny waves that lapped at the restaurant's sea wall. The last picture in this row is of the mangroves that flank part of the restaurant's scenic patio. We saw a clown fish, and a few puffer or blow fish swimming around the mangroves.

Lorito-Joes-Restaurant-Cancun-16 Lorito-Joes-Restaurant-Cancun-17 Lorito-Joes-Restaurant-Cancun-18

We were in no rush to leave but I did want to go visit La Isla Shopping Mall and the Interactive Aquarium that was one of the mall's attractions. I asked our waiter to take a picture of us in front of the view. I like that the picture came out with a silhouette look to it.

Lorito Joe Statue Picture
Beef Eater's Steakhouse

I paid the bill with a VISA credit card which is what I recommend every traveler use to pay rather than a debit card which usually doesn't protect consumers as much from fraud. As we walked out of Lorito Joe's Lobster Shack, I snapped a picture of their mascot statue. The last picture is just a quick snapshot of Beefeater's Steakhouse which is right next door to Lorito Joe's in Cancun Mexico on Kukulcan Blvd.

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