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Paul Oakenfold @ The City Night Club
Pictures From Paul Oakenfold's Performance At The City Nightclub In Cancun Mexico - Spring Break 2006

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Our three day weekend in Cancun Mexico for Spring Break 2006 was in full swing when on Saturday night we decided to go "The City" nightclub on Kukulcan Blvd in down town Cancun to see Paul Oakenfold perform.

Paul Oakenfold is a legendary techno DJ, producer and remixer from London, England in Great Britain.

Even if you don't know who Paul Oakenfold is you have probably heard his music in popular movies such as Swordfish, Collateral, and The Matrix Reloaded.

The-City-Cancun-Paul-Oakenfold-04 The-City-Cancun-Paul-Oakenfold-05 The-City-Cancun-Paul-Oakenfold-06
I don't remember exactly when we got to The City nightclub but it was probably around 10:30 or 11pm. It seemed like forever before Paul Oakenfold went on stage to perform. A variety of dancers, fire jugglers, dance groups and acrobatic performers went on the stage in the center of The City dance floor to keep the crowd entertained while we waited for Paul Oakenfold to take the stage.
The-City-Cancun-Paul-Oakenfold-07 The-City-Cancun-Paul-Oakenfold-08 The-City-Cancun-Paul-Oakenfold-09

In the last two pictures in this row you can see the trails made by the fire juggling performer. Another performer used flaming maces. A mace is a medieval weapon that consists of a nunchaku type handle with a chain that attaches to the spiked metal ball. The performers maces just had cloth covered balls that were lit on fire.

The-City-Cancun-Paul-Oakenfold-10 The-City-Cancun-Paul-Oakenfold-11 The-City-Cancun-Paul-Oakenfold-12

It was hard to get good pictures while we were in The City nightclub because of the dim lights and the fog. At the left you'll see one of the dance groups that took the stage. There were a few of this groups representing different companies such as Maxim, FHM, or Dos Equis.
The-City-Cancun-Paul-Oakenfold-13 The-City-Cancun-Paul-Oakenfold-14 The-City-Cancun-Paul-Oakenfold-15
When performers in colorful jumpsuits starting dropping from the sky and acrobats were balancing on tall poles, I thought we were at a Cirque Du Soleil show or something.
The-City-Cancun-Paul-Oakenfold-16 The-City-Cancun-Paul-Oakenfold-17 The-City-Cancun-Paul-Oakenfold-18

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