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Casco Viejo Historic City Center - Panama City, Panama
Pictures & visitor information from a trip to "Casco Viejo", which is the historic city center of Panama City, Panama.

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Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-001 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-002 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-003
Welsh pirate Henry Morgan destroyed the original Panama City, now called Panama La Vieja, in 1671.

The city was then rebuilt in 1673 about 8 kilometers away in a safer area now commonly known as Casco Viejo. Some other names for this quaint neighborhood are Casco Antiguo, San Felipe, or Catedral (Cathedral).

Architecture enthusiasts will enjoy walking around Casco Viejo, which has a mixture of building styles including French, Spanish, Republican, Art Deco, Colonial and Caribbean.

Stopping here for lunch was part of our Panama City Tour with Your Man In Panama Tours. We ate some excellent local food at the Restaurante Rene Cafe.

Another highlight of the visit was seeing the stained glass windows inside the "catedral" (cathedral).


Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-004 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-005
Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-007 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-008
Restaurante Rene Cafe
Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-010 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-011 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-012
Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-013 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-014 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-015
Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-016 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-017
Central Plaza Gazebo
Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-019 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-020 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-021
Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-022 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-023 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-024
Stained Glass Windows
Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-025 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-026 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-027

Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-028 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-029 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-030
Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-031 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-032
Company of Jesus Ruins
CCTV Video Cameras
Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-035 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-036
Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-037 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-038 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-039
Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-040 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-041 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-042
Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-043 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-044 Casco-Viejo-Panama-City-Panama-045

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