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Charlotte City Tour - North Carolina
Pictures and information from a city tour of Charlotte, a major city in the southern U.S. state of North Carolina.

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Morning Fog & Cows
I-77 & 21 North To Charlotte
Charlotte Skyline
Charlotte, located in the state of North Carolina, is the second largest financial center in the USA.

Some of the banks that have their headquarters here include Bank of America, Regions Bank, First Trust, Lending Tree and Wachovia.

The over 600,000 residents of Charlotte enjoy the highest per capita spending on the arts in the nation due to the charitable contributions from the banks.

Besides corporations who engage in banking, Charlotte is also home to the SPX Corporation, Duke Energy, NASCAR, Nucor, and Food Lion.

Charlotte's other nicknames include the "Hornet's Nest", the "gateway to the South", "Queen City" or just "the Q.C.".

Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-005 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-006
The pictures on this page are from a drive through the city of Charlotte and also a guided bus tour with the Queen City Tours company. The bus tour lasted about 3 hours and showed us a large amount of Charlotte's sights in the 1st ward, 2nd ward, 3rd ward, 4th ward, the historic district and more. The company provided us with a souvenir copy of the "Queen City Tours Sites Key" which lists every interesting building, antique house, monument, church and stadium.
Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-007 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-008
W. Stonewall St.
Charlotte Convention Center
In the 1st ward we saw the Alexander Carr House, Afro-American Cultural Center, Mecklenburg County Seal, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Bobcats Arena, the Charlotte Sting, the Old Confederate Navy Shipyard, the Bank of America tower and the Queen Charlotte tower.
Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-010 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-011
The Duke Mansion
Historic House
Over in the 2nd ward of Charlotte the tour guide showed us the Mcdowell Street Skylne, the Jewish Memorial, Marshall Park, the Martin Luther King statue, the Great Aunt Stellar Center, Theatre Charlotte, the Old Trolley Line, and the Visulite Theater.
Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-013 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-014
Discovery Place
North Church St.
As our tour continued to the 3rd ward we drove past the Carolina Panthers Bank of America Stadium, The Four Statues Square, Mint Street, the Duke Energy building, the Charlotte Observer, St. Peters Roman Catholic church, Disco Grande, the Green Park, the Old Carolina Theater, Discovery Place and the Wachovia Bank building.
Bank of America Stadium
Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-017 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-018
S. Tryon St.
Once the tour was winding down to it's conclusion we were taken to the 4th ward area to see Transamerica Square, the North Carolina Medical College, Settler's Cemetery, The Polks, Captain Jack, Andrew Jackson monument, Gateway Vilage, Johnson & Wales University, and the OmniMax theater.
Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-019 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-020 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-021
Some of the other miscellaneous places I remember seeing on the tour around Charlotte was the Bobcats & Sting Training Center, the NASCAR museum, the Alexander Bell convention center, Freedom Park, the Dilworth Community, the Myers Park Community, Queen's University, and the Duke Mansion.
Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-022 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-023
Hilton Hotel
BB&T Building
Glass Skyscraper
Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-026 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-027
Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-028 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-029 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-030

Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-031 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-032
Construction Crane
Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-034 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-035 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-036
Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-037 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-038 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-039
Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-040 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-041
101 Independence
Discovery Place
E 7th St.
Residential Townhouses
Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-047 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-048
The Ledge Development
Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-049 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-050 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-051
Manor Theatre
Myers Park Community
Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-055 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-056 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-057
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Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-058 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-059 Charlotte-City-Tour-North-Carolina-060
Downtown Charlotte Skyline

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