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Downtown Chicago & The Magnificent Mile
Pictures of the buildings, architecture & sights of the Magnificent Mile located on Michigan Ave. in downtown Chicago.

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Water Tower Place Shops
After dropping off our bags at the Westin Hotel located at 909 N. Michigan Ave., we went for a stroll along the "Magnificent Mile" stretch of downtown Chicago.

Directly across the street from our hotel was the John Hancock Observatory & Residences building. Just past that is the Water Tower Place shopping mall.

Once we had walked all the way up and down the Magnificent mile, we turned on to a side street and stopped at the Rosebud Steakhouse just past the Drake Hotel, to have lunch.

Then we walked back to our hotel and went into "The Grill on the Alley" restaurant & bar to get a refreshing drink.

Later that night we decided to visit "The Grill", a four star restaurant,  again since it was so conveniently located inside the Westin Hotel.

John Hancock Observatory
Chicago-Magnificent-Mile-005 Chicago-Magnificent-Mile-006
Magnificent Mile
Chicago-Magnificent-Mile-007 Chicago-Magnificent-Mile-008 Chicago-Magnificent-Mile-009
Westin Hotel
The Drake Hotel

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