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Lincoln Park Zoo - Chicago, IL
Pictures from our trip to the free Lincoln Park Zoo located in Chicago, Illinois.

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Lincoln Park Zoo
Lincoln Park Zoo, located near downtown Chicago in the state of Illinois, was on the must-see attraction list during our weekend in the "Windy City".

The taxi ride from our hotel, The Westin @ 909 N. Michigan Ave, was only about $15.00 plus a tip. Lincoln Park Zoo's mailing address is  2001 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60614. If you need to call LPZ just dial 312-742-2000.

The Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the last free major attractions in the United States and the very last located in the city of Chicago. They do charge a small fee for parking and they also, of course, welcome any donations.

If you're arriving in a taxi or on foot, be sure to support the zoo by eating at one of the Cafes or refreshment stands.

Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-004 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-005 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-006
Seals & Sea Lions
The Lincoln Park Zoo is open all year long from 10am in the morning to 4:30/5/6:30pm depending on the time of year. As with most world class zoos, you can expect to find all the usual amenities including restrooms, food & drink stands, souvenir shops, ATM (Automatic Teller Machines), stroller & wheelchairs are available, personal item lockers, picnic areas, first aid & emergency medical assistance, and CTA bus service (Chicago Transit Authority).
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-007 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-008 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-009
Mountain Cat
At first we just walked around the zoo aimlessly looking at the wide variety of animals, but then I took a look at the Lincoln Park Zoo Visitor Guide & Map to learn about the daily events. Some of the events occurring included "Meet An Animal", "Zoo Keeper Chat", "Seal Feeding & Training", and "Polar Bear Talk". I also saw that they were featuring a "Farm-In-The-Zoo" special presentation, sponsored by John Deere, where we could watch a cow being milked, feed the cows, or learn about farming and gardening techniques.
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-011 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-012
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-013 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-014
Duck Pond
Flamingo Sanctuary

Some of the animals we saw at the Lincoln Park Zoo included penguins, vultures, tropical birds, toucans, giraffes, rhinos, polar bears, lions, tigers, seals, wolves, wallabies, flamingos, gorillas, chimpanzees, zebras, and antelopes.

The zoo is laid out in a logical manner with the shape of a stretched oval that allows you to see just about all the attractions in one rotation.

Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-016 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-017 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-018
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-019 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-020 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-021

Sichuan Takin
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-023 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-024
Gorilla Info Sign
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-025 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-026 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-027
Chimpanzee Habitat
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-029 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-030
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-031 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-032 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-033
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-034 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-035 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-036
The Reptile Exhibit
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-037 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-038 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-039
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-040 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-041
Copperhead Snake
Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-043 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-044 Lincoln-Park-Zoo-Chicago-045

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