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Comfortmaker HVAC Condenser Coils Cleaning Guide
How to clean the coils of a Comfortmaker brand HVAC condenser with picture illustrated step by step instructions.

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Please note, I am not a professional HVAC technician and assume no responsibility for damages or injuries to your property, persons or pets. Proceed with caution and consult with a licensed A/C repair company if you have any doubts.
Turn Off Thermostat
Turn Off Breaker Switch
Disconnect Switch
This residential air conditioning repair guide was specifically written to assist homeowners with the Comfortmaker brand HVAC condenser unit model # AG030GB2 in cleaning the coils for maximum energy efficiency.

Owners of other HVAC brands such as Rheem, Goodman, Trane, Carrier, Tempstar, Lennox, Reznor, Amana, Bryant, American Standard, York, Heil, Luxaire, Ruud, Tappan, and Gibson may also find these condenser coils cleaning DIY instructions to be helpful.

The items needed to complete this procedure include an 8mm socket with ratcheting wrench or a flathead screwdriver, paper towels or a rag, a wet/dry shop vacuum cleaner, A/C coil cleaning spray and a garden hose.

The first few steps are to turn off the power to the A/C system at the thermostat, the home's breaker box and outside by the condenser unit.

Pull Out Disconnect Block
Midwest U065P 60A 240V
Comfortmaker AG030GB2
Your condenser (outside A/C unit) may have a "disconnect switch" such as the one pictured above. Or it may have a breaker box instead. Be sure that the disconnect switch's block is pulled out or the breaker is set to "Off" before continuing to the next steps.

Do not proceed without being absolutely sure that the power has been shut off to the entire HVAC system.

Utility Company Control Box
Remove 2 8mm Screws
Control Box Removed
This condenser unit was equipped with a "high demand shutoff device" from the power company. I removed the two 8mm screws from the control box and pulled it away from the top lid of the condenser.
Remove 8mm Screws
8mm Socket & Wrench
Lift Off Condenser Lid
Then use the 8mm socket with ratcheting wrench or a flathead screwdriver to remove the screws all around the top lid of the condenser that contains the fan assembly.
Wipe Fan Blades Clean
Carefully Rest Fan Assembly
Protect Fan Power Wires
I'd recommend wearing gloves and/or having an assistant help you lift the fan assembly off the top of the condenser.

Rest the fan assembly on the side of the condenser while avoiding placing stress on the wires. Place a paper towel or a rag in between the sharp metal edge of the condenser's housing and the wires to protect them from being cut.

Accumulated Dust & Dirt
Pet Hair & Debris
Dirty Condenser Coils
After removing the condenser's lid, I noticed that there was a build up of dirt, dust, hair, leaves and other debris at the bottom of the unit. The coils were also in need of a cleaning, but they definitely weren't the worst I've ever seen.


Vacuum Out Dirt & Leaves
Spray On Soapy Solution
Rinse Off Coils With Hose
Use a vacuum to clean out any loose debris or dirt at the bottom of the condenser before using the garden hose.

If the coils are packed with dirt or hair, use a soft bristled brush to gently clean them out. Use gentle pressure so that you don't bend the soft aluminum fins.

Then spray down the inside and outside of the condenser coils with some A/C coil cleaning spray or any type of mild (non caustic) household such as 409, Simple Green, or Mr. Clean. You can also just mix some warm water with dishwashing detergent in a spray bottle.

Spray Out Dirt At Bottom
Rinse Outside Of Condenser
Condenser Bottom Cleaned
Allow the cleaner or soap solution to dissolve any oils or grease for a few minutes before rinsing out the coils with the garden hose.

Try to avoid spraying any electrical components with water and use a low pressure setting such as "shower" to prevent from bending the coils.

Be sure to thoroughly rinse out the condenser's coils from the inside, top and outside of the unit.

Comfortmaker-HVAC-Condenser-Coils-Cleaning-Guide-025 Comfortmaker-HVAC-Condenser-Coils-Cleaning-Guide-026
Clean Condenser Coils
Replace Condenser Top
Once the condenser coils are sparkling clean and free of debris, gently lower the top lid and fan assembly down over the unit.
Replace 8mm Screws
Tighten With 8mm Socket
Replace Power Co. Box
Check that the corner panels and side panels are inside the lip of the top lid before replacing the 8mm screws.

Tighten the 8mm screws with a flathead screwdriver or with a socket and ratcheting wrench.

If so equipped, re-attach the power company's peak demand control device to the lid of the condenser.

Finished Cleaning Condenser
Replace A/C Disconnect Switch
Allow the condenser to air dry before restoring power to the unit, especially if you got any water on the electrical components.

Push the "fuse block" back into the disconnect switch box or flip the condenser's outside breaker switch to "on".

Close Protective Cover
Turn On Breaker Switch
Turn On A/C Thermostat
Turn on the power to the A/C system at the home's breaker box and and also at the thermostat.

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