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CoolPodz CCTV DVR & Dome Security Cameras Review
Pictures and reviews of the CoolPodz CP-M6309UV-500 CCTV digital video recorder & CoolPodz brand dome security cameras.

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CoolPodz DVR
SMC Cable Modem/Router
I recently helped a friend install this CoolPodz brand complete CCTV security system in an office.

The total cost for the auction was about $700 from the eBay seller "CCTV Hot Deals".

It included the CoolPodz M6309UV-500 CCTV DVR with remote control, 6 CoolPodz Sharp 1/3" RS-335B indoor color cameras, 2 CoolPodz Sony 1/3" RS-326 outdoor vandal-proof cameras, a pigtail power adapter for all the cameras, and 8 CCTV siamese cables with BNC connector & power plug ends.

We purchased the Dell LCD computer monitor and glow in the dark poles (for pulling cables through the ceiling) separately.

For the internet connection, we used Comcast Cable's business class service with the SMC 8014 router / modem combo unit.

Rear Connections DVR
Power Adapter & Remote
Before starting the installation, we tested all of the cameras, the cables and the CoolPodz M6309UV-500 digital video recorder. Getting the DVR's remote camera viewing software to work properly took a few phone calls to Comcast's business class internet tech support. The technician adjusted the settings in the SMC 8014 modem/router combo unit to approximate "bridge mode" and told us how to forward ports on our separate D-Link router.
Outdoor CCTV Camera
CoolPodz RS-335B Camera
Indoor CCTV Camera
Both the outdoor and indoor CCTV cameras included in this package featured 1/3" CCD sensors (Sony & Sharp brand), 420 TVL (lines of resolution) and 3.6mm wide-angle auto exposure lenses. Both types of cameras work well, but I think the outdoor cameras with the Sony 1/3" sensors might have a slight picture quality advantage over the Sharp 1/3" cameras.
CoolPodz RS-326 Camera
It took a few leisurely hours for the two of us to run the cables, attach the cameras to the ceiling panels, hook up the DVR, install the remote viewing software, and figure out how to use the various viewing/playback/recording features of the DVR on a remote computer.
Pigtail Camera Power Adapter
Cables In Ceiling
Glow Sticks

Overall, we were pleased with the quality, features and functionality of this CoolPodz CCTV security system from CCTVHotDeals. The DVR and the cameras produce decent quality images and videos, especially considering the very reasonable price. You could spend a little less and get much worse quality equipment from the Hong Kong sellers on eBay. If money is no object, you can spend $100's if not $1000's more for a high end DVR and high resolution PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras.

CoolPodz-CCTV-DVR-Security-Cameras-Review-016 CoolPodz-CCTV-DVR-Security-Cameras-Review-017
Dell LCD Monitor
If you plan on installing a similar CCTV security camera system, I highly recommend buying or renting the glow in the dark rods used to run the cables. Some of the most common brand names are Glo-Stix, GlowFish Rods, Greenlee Fish Poles, and LSD Creep-Zit.
CoolPodz-CCTV-DVR-Security-Cameras-Review-019 CoolPodz-CCTV-DVR-Security-Cameras-Review-020 CoolPodz-CCTV-DVR-Security-Cameras-Review-021
CoolPodz-CCTV-DVR-Security-Cameras-Review-022 CoolPodz-CCTV-DVR-Security-Cameras-Review-023 CoolPodz-CCTV-DVR-Security-Cameras-Review-024
CoolPodz-CCTV-DVR-Security-Cameras-Review-025 CoolPodz-CCTV-DVR-Security-Cameras-Review-026
Portable Camera Monitor
Running CCTV Cables
CoolPodz-CCTV-DVR-Security-Cameras-Review-028 CoolPodz-CCTV-DVR-Security-Cameras-Review-029
Indoor Camera Mounted
Disassembled Sony Camera
CoolPodz-CCTV-DVR-Security-Cameras-Review-031 CoolPodz-CCTV-DVR-Security-Cameras-Review-032
DVR Hooked Up
Remote Viewing Software
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