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Cozumel Mexico Carnival Cruise Vacation
Pictures from a Carnival Cruise Line vacation across the Gulf of Mexico to Cozumel Mexico.

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Carnival Cruise Line Lobby
Glass Elevator
Cozumel Port
For a short 3 day vacation we hopped aboard a Carnival Cruise Line ship and slowly made our way across the Gulf of Mexico to Cozumel.

I opted for the slightly more expensive "Ocean View Stateroom" but it ended up being a waste of money since we spent very little time inside the room during daylight hours.

The next time that we take a Carnival Cruise ship vacation to any tropical location, I'll get the cheapest state room possible and spend the extra money on shore excursion activities.

During the voyage over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, we sampled the lavish buffets, won (ok, lost) a few dollars in the casino, took a dip in the swimming pool and soaked up some rays in the whirlpool hot tub.

Cozumel-Mexico-Carnival-Cruise-04 Cozumel-Mexico-Carnival-Cruise-05
Ron Jon Surf Shop

Once the cruise ship docked at Cozumel Port we were set free to go shopping and hit the bars or clubs. We started off by getting some souvenirs T-Shirts at the Ron Jon Surf Shop and then spent the rest of our shore leave time sipping frozen drinks at the Fat Tuesday's bar.

Fat Tuesday's Bar
Cozumel-Mexico-Carnival-Cruise-08 Cozumel-Mexico-Carnival-Cruise-09
Cruise Ships Docked

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