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Craftsman Floor Jack Hydraulic Oil Filling Guide
How to fix a poorly performing Craftsman floor jack by adding new hydraulic oil with picture illustrated instructions.

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Craftsman Floor Jack
Jack Release Valve
Open Valve All Way
This Craftsman 2 1/4 Ton automotive floor jack has been reliably lifting our vehicles for over a decade without any degradation in performance.

So I was surprised when the jack was suddenly unable to even lift one wheel of my friend's Chevy Cobalt compact car off the ground.

I was shopping online for a new floor jack when I decided to examine the jack and its carrying case again before making a purchase.

I discovered that there was a small pool of hydraulic oil in the case.

The leak originated from the loose rubber oil filler plug and occurred when the carrying case was mistakenly left upside down for a few weeks.

Instead of buying a pricey new jack, I instead purchased a large 32 ounce bottle of Sta-Lube hydraulic jack oil for just a few bucks.

Push Jack "Saddle" Down
Remove Metal Cover
Pry Out Fill Hole Plug
The first step is to open the floor jack's release valve by turning it all the way to the left (counter clockwise). Then push down on the "saddle" (lifting arm) until it is in the fully lowered position.

Next remove the metal cover that conceals the jack's spring and hydraulic oil filler hole. Use a small flathead screwdriver to gently pry out the rubber plug from the oil filler hole.

Fill Hole Rubber Plug
Small Automotive Funnel
Hydraulic & Jack Oil $8
After the rubber plug is removed, you'll be able to see the hydraulic oil level. I could see that the reservoir in my jack was nearly empty which explains its inability to lift a vehicle.


Funnel With Tubing
Slowly Pour In Oil
Filling Jack Oil Reservoir
Use a small funnel or a large syringe to slowly add oil to the reservoir until the level reaches to just below the filler hole.
Oil Near Fill Hole
Close Valve - Test Jack
Checking Oil Level
Then close the release valve all the way by turning it to the right (clockwise) and attach the handle to the lifting mechanism. Pump the handle until the saddle reaches its maximum height. If the handle doesn't max out, you may need to a tiny bit of extra hydraulic oil.
Few Ounces Oil Used
Close Valve - Clockwise
Accord - Both Wheels Up!
I was very pleased to see that my Craftsman 2.25 ton floor jack was easily able to lift the entire passenger side of a Honda Accord after re-filling the hydraulic oil reservoir.

Even if the floor jack also has a very slow oil leak from the piston or release valve, I should be able to keep it working well for years to come by topping off the fluid with the large bottle of hydraulic jack oil that I purchased from Amazon.

If your floor jack has a rapid oil leak, it would be best to remove the faulty gasket and purchase a replacement at a hardware store or automotive parts store.

Replacing Filler Plug
Oil Filler Plug Replaced
Replace Jack Top Cover
To complete the job, re-insert the rubber oil filler plug and replace the cover board over the top of the floor jack. Be sure to thoroughly clean up any spilled hydraulic oil to prevent someone from slipping and falling.

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