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Curacao Island Caribbean Vacation
Photos from Curacao Island located in the Caribbean Sea.

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Curacao is a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea not too far from the coast of Venezuela. The island has the most residents of the three "ABC" islands that include Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao.

The population of Curacao is presently estimated to be around 135,000 people. The island is part of the self governing political unit known as the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Curacao, much like Aruba, has a somewhat dry climate with a small amount of rainfall and consistently warm weather all year long.

Also like Aruba, the major languages spoken in Curacao are Papamiento, Dutch, English and Spanish.

Curacao-Caribbean-Vacation-08 Curacao-Caribbean-Vacation-09
Curacao Beach Picture
Curacao-Caribbean-Vacation-13 Curacao-Caribbean-Vacation-14
Curacao Church Photo
Curacao-Caribbean-Vacation-16 Curacao-Caribbean-Vacation-17 Curacao-Caribbean-Vacation-18
Curacao-Caribbean-Vacation-19 Curacao-Caribbean-Vacation-20 Curacao-Caribbean-Vacation-21

Curacao-Caribbean-Vacation-22 Curacao-Caribbean-Vacation-23
Curacao Port
Curacao-Caribbean-Vacation-25 Curacao-Caribbean-Vacation-26 Curacao-Caribbean-Vacation-27
Curacao-Caribbean-Vacation-28 Curacao-Caribbean-Vacation-29 Curacao-Caribbean-Vacation-30


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