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Daytona Bike Week & Spring Break 2000
Pictures from our Spring Break trip to Daytona Beach Florida during "Bike Week" in March of 2000.

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Daytona-Bike-Week-Photos-01 Daytona-Bike-Week-Photos-02
University of Florida
Daytona Beach Cruising
The images in this photo album are from my trip to Daytona Beach Florida for UF's Spring Break 2000 which just happened to coincide with Daytona Bike Week.

I had been wanting a motorcycle since I was a little kid and this trip to Daytona Bike Week encouraged me to finally get one. After this Spring Break trip, I went and picked up a brand new 2000 Yamaha YZF R6.

Back in 2000, the city of Daytona Beach allowed Spring Breakers to drive their cars and motorcycles on the high side of the beach. I think I heard that they put to an end to this practice since it was harming the beach and accelerating the erosion process.

During the day, my friends and I spent our Spring Break relaxing on the beach. At night we enjoyed going to the various clubs in Daytona Beach such as 600 North, Ocean Deck, and Razzles.

Daytona-Bike-Week-Photos-04 Daytona-Bike-Week-Photos-05
Daytona Spring Breakers
Ducati Superbike
Datyona Beach Bike Week is one of the largest motorcycle rallies and events in the United States.  It's right up there with the world famous Sturgis Rally. About half a million motorcycle enthusiasts attend Daytona Bike week each year to enjoy the sunshine on the beach, the races at Daytona International Speedway, and the various festivals or parties that take place during the ten day long event.
Daytona-Bike-Week-Photos-07 Daytona-Bike-Week-Photos-08 Daytona-Bike-Week-Photos-09
Daytona Condominium Building

Daytona-Bike-Week-Photos-10 Daytona-Bike-Week-Photos-11 Daytona-Bike-Week-Photos-12
People watching and cruising is a popular activity for college students on Spring Break in the city of Daytona Beach. The officials in charge of tourism for Volusia County were nice enough to allow all of us university attendees to drive our cars and ride our motorcycles up and down the length of Daytona Beach.
Daytona-Bike-Week-Photos-13 Daytona-Bike-Week-Photos-14
Riding On The Beach
Since Daytona Beach is inundated with Harley Davidson and other motorcycles during Biketoberfest and Daytona Beach Bike Week each year, the price of real estate is very reasonable. You have to really love motorcycles to put up with all the noise of big bore V-Twin Harley Davidson hogs roaring through the town for a good part of the year. The real estate in Daytona that is closest to the beach is also closest to the major routes that the bikers travel on, so you can still purchase a condo right on the water for much less than other parts of the coastline of Florida.
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