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Daytona Team Challenge Motorcycle Race
Pics from the 2003 Team Challenge sportbike motorcycle race at Daytona International Speedway in Florida.

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Daytona-Team-Challenge-0061 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0062 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0063

At the Daytona Team Challenge sportbike motorcycle race, the number 477 Kawasaki ran most of the race with no second gear and was still able to finish on the podium.

When we talked to him later we learned that had to carry a lot of corner speed and really drag his knee to compensate for the lack of a 2nd gear.

He also had to rev 1st gear all the way out to the redline in order to be in the powerband once he clicked all the way up to 3rd gear.



Daytona-Team-Challenge-0064 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0065 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0066
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0067 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0068 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0069
MV Agusta F4
Most of the bikes during this race at the Daytona International Speedway were the usual Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha or Suzuki motorcycles, but one rider entered a beautiful red and silver MV Agusta F4. The MV Agusta bikes are manufactured in Italy and cost about $18,000. That's a lot of cash to be tossing around a race track. He even ran the race with his stock plastics which are very expensive to replace.
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0070 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0071 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0072
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0073 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0074 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0075
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0076 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0077 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0078
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0079 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0080 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0081
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0082 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0083 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0084
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0085 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0086 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0087
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0088 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0089 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0090

Daytona-Team-Challenge-0091 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0092 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0093
The Daytona International Speedway is one of the fastest tracks that you can ride a motorcycle on due to the extremely high banked NASCAR turns. It was awesome to see the riders go WOT (wide open throttle) every lap and scream past us like a multicolored blur on the banked NASCAR corners.
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0094 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0095
Sideways on the Banked Wall
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0097 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0098 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0099
Winner's Circle
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0100 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0101 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0102
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0103 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0104 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0105
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0106 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0107 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0108
Spraying the Champagne
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0109 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0110
Dented Gas Tank
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0112 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0113 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0114
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0115 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0116 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0117
Bike # 477
Daytona-Team-Challenge-0118 Daytona-Team-Challenge-0119
The Winners!

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