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Delta Massaging Shower Head Installation Guide & Review
How to install the Delta 75520 massaging shower head including pictures illustrated instructions and a consumer review.

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Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-001 Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-002 Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-003
We purchased this Delta massaging shower head for about $40. The old shower head in this bathroom had become partially clogged with mineral deposits and no longer worked well.

The Delta 75520 shower head comes in a variety of styles and colors. We chose the Victorian style model in the chrome metal color.

It features five different spray patterns, a six foot tangle free hose, an anti-clog device to remove mineral deposits, a shower arm mount, and a lifetime warranty.

The installation process only took a few minutes of actual work if I deduct the time I spent taking pictures of the process for this "how-to" guide.

You'll only need a pipe wrench or pliers, and some Teflon or plumber's tape to complete this job.

Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-004 Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-005 Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-006
The first step is to remove the old shower head either by hand or with a pipe wrench. Our old shower head was difficult to remove so I had to use the pipe wrench to twist it counter clockwise and detach it from the water pipe.
Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-007 Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-008 Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-009
Next, neatly wrap the bare threads on the shower water pipe a few times with Teflon tape. Avoid wrapping the tape past the end of the threads where it may come in contact with water and enter the new shower head causing a clog. If the threads of your shower water pipe are dirty, clean them with a wire brush or old toothbrush and rinse the area before applying the plumber's tape.

Twisting on the shower arm mount in the clockwise direction should be done by hand only. Don't use the pipe wrench to tighten the plastic piece or you may cause damage which can develop into a water leak.

Test the shower arm mount by turning on the water. If you see a leak, try removing the mount, cleaning the threads, and re-applying new Teflon tape. Use a glove or rag while tightening the mount by hand to get a better grip. If you must use a wrench or pliers to tighten the mount, wrap the black plastic with a cloth first to prevent cracks or marring.

Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-010 Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-011 Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-012
Locate the shower arm mount end of the hose and insert one of the black rubber o-rings into the end of it until it lies flush. Twist it on to the threads located at the bottom of the shower arm mount until it just past hand tight. Test the connection for leaks by turning on the water and moving the hose around. This connection does not require silicon tape, but it may help.


Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-013 Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-014 Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-015
Then remove the tape or sticker covering the end of the hose that must be attached to the Delta massaging shower head. Insert the other black rubber o-ring into the end of the hose until it lies flush against the white plastic plate with holes in it.
Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-016 Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-017 Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-018
Twist this end of the hose on to the shower head clockwise until it is just past hand tight. Again, this connection does not require Teflon or "plumber's" tape but it might help if you have a stubborn leak. It would be better to use Teflon tape than to over tighten the shower head and damage the seal or the threads.
Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-019 Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-020 Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-021
I found that the connection between the shower arm mount and the hose leaked a little bit. So I removed it, added new Teflon tape, and carefully tightened it with my pipe wrench. Another reason for a leak may be that a rubber o-ring dropped out of the hose during installation. Double check the shower floor or tub for the missing o-ring in case of a leak before attempting to further tighten the connection.
Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-022 Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-023 Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-024
Overall, we're very happy with this new Delta 75520 "shower supreme" five spray pattern massaging shower head. The 75520 seems to be really well built and sturdy with quality materials and finish. It does seem like there is less water coming out of the shower head compared to the old one. The Delta 75520 has a water usage rate of 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute) which helps to conserve water. So I'm hoping to receive a slightly smaller water bill each month.

If you want higher water pressure and don't mind an elevated water bill, you could remove the water flow restrictor plate located inside the end of the shower head's handle with some needle nose pliers.

Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-025 Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-026 Delta-Supreme-Massaging-Shower-Head-Install-Guide-027
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