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DirecPath Cable Broadband Internet Service Review
A consumer's opinion of the DirecPath cable internet service provider with speed test results and upload/download rates.

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Motorola Surfboard SB5101
Modem & Linksys Router
SpeakEasy Speed Test
We recently moved in to an apartment community that has DirecPath as the exclusive "wired" internet provider.

Neither Comcast Cable nor AT&T ADSL are available in the community. The only other internet options are the expensive and relatively slow 3G or 4G "wireless" providers such as "Clear", Verizon Mobile Broadband or AT&T Mobile Broadband.

I wasn't happy about not being able to use Comcast Cable as my ISP, especially since DirecPath seems to have many negative reviews scattered around the internet.

But after a few weeks of using DirecPath internet, I must say that I have been happily surprised by the great customer service and the reliable connection for a decent price of about $50 per month.

I still would have rather had the option of paying the discounted rate of $24.95 per month for a year of FastAccess DSL 6Mbps, or $29.99 for Comcast Performance 15 Mbps for 6 months ($44.99 after the first six months).

DirecPath-Broadband-Cable-Internet-Service-Review-004 Results
Downloading Website Video
Uploading Video Test
Ordering DirecPath internet service was an easy process using their website. I did call in to the 800 number to verify my order a few days later and ended up going through the entire sign up procedure again with the representative at the outsourced call center. I had to pay a $49.95 activation fee and $49.95 for the first month over the phone using a credit card for a total initial payment of $103.40. The rep then tried to sell me one of their modems, and also their line "insurance".

I was given an "installation" time on my requested date for anywhere from 8 AM to 5 PM. I was surprised that a tech needed to actually visit our apartment to set up the internet since I already owned the same Motorola Surfboard SB5101 modem that DirectPath uses and assumed that they would just ask for the MAC ID # over the phone.

The DirecPath technician called in the early afternoon on the day of my 8 AM to 5 PM appointment to say that he was on the property and would be by shortly. The tech was friendly, made one quick phone call to relay my modem's MAC ID to the main office, and was out the door a few minutes later. He even asked if I needed help setting up my Linksys wireless router before he left, but I gratefully declined since it was already configured from our last home.

The results of the various internet speed tests that I ran are as follows: SpeakEasy - Download 5.50 Mbps / 0.91 Mbps Upload, 5.69 Mbps / 0.88 Mbps, and InternetFrog 4.53 Mbps / 3.06 Mbps.

I had no problems streaming at 480P and watching 1080P high definition video clips. Downloading video clips from my webhost happened at a decent 425 KB/sec rate and uploading videos to my website via FTP went at a relatively speedy pace of 800 kbs.

Hulu Streaming @ 480P
Internet Frog Speed Test
YouTube 1080P HD Video
Overall, I've been happy with the DirecPath internet service over these last few weeks. Customer service was quick to respond to my question on their YouTube channel, the support phone line is available 24/7 and so far the internet has never dropped out. The majority of casual internet users definitely shouldn't dismiss living at a property that has DirecPath as the exclusive internet provider.

Hardcore gamers and heavy internet users would probably be better off living somewhere else that isn't monopolized by one ISP. Especially since the fastest speed offered by DirecPath at various properties seems to be about 3, 6 or 10 Mbps. My fastest option here was only 6 Mbps for $49.99. A few communities are equipped with DirecPath's FTTH (Fiber To The Home) fiber optic cable internet service that offers much faster download and upload rates.

If instead you're extremely price conscious, you can get better deals by taking advantage of the discounted rates for 6 to 12 months that most other internet providers frequently offer to new users.

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