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Dodge Avenger Reverse Light Bulb Replacement Guide
How to change a burnt out reverse bulb in the tail lights of an updated 2011-2014 Dodge Avenger sedan with pictures.

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2012 Avenger Tail Light
Pop Rivet - Corner of Trunk
Pry Out Plastic Pop Rivet
This automotive maintenance tutorial was specifically written to assist owners of the refreshed (2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014) Dodge Avenger sedan in changing a burnt out reverse bulb in the tail light assemblies.

Owners of other Chrysler Group sedan vehicles with similar tail light housings such as the Dart, Challenger, Charger, 200, and 300 may also find these DIY instructions to be helpful.

The brake and rear turn signal lights are LED bulbs that should last the life time of the vehicle.

A replacement incandescent reverse light bulb is part number 921 from manufacturers such as Sylvania, GE, ACDelco, PIAA and Eiko.

If you would like to have brighter reverse lights, install compatible 921 LED bulbs.

The only tool needed to replace the bulb is a flathead screwdriver and a pair of needle nose pliers or a pop rivet removal tool used to pull out the black plastic pop rivet fastener on the carpet liner.

Plastic Fastener Removed
Pull Back Carpet Trunk Liner
Two Plastic Thumb Nuts
The first two steps are to pop open the trunk and move to the side of the vehicle with the burnt out reverse light bulb.

Remove the single black plastic pop rivet fastener by prying it out with a flathead screwdriver or pull it out with a pair of needle nose pliers.

Set the pop rivet aside in a safe place.

Pull back the grey carpeted trunk liner away from the rear corner of the car.

Loosen Counter Clockwise
Remove 2nd Thumb Screw
Two Fasteners Removed
Remove the two black plastic thumb nuts that hold the tail light in place by rotating them counter clockwise.

Set the two thumb nuts aside in a safe place.

Pull Out Rubber Grommet
Grommet Removed
Pull Off Tail Light Housing
An optional step is to pull out the rubber grommet out of the metal body work on the back of the tail light.

The tail light housing is still held in place to the corner of the vehicle by a metal peg inserted in to a plastic socket.

Carefully pull the tail light away from the rear of the car until it comes off. If you have trouble removing the housing, try gently wiggling it while pulling.

If necessary, you may need to insert a cloth covered flathead screwdriver in between the outer edge of the housing and the painted rear quarter panel to help pry out the peg friction fastener.

Turn Over Tail Light
Press Release Tab
Power Plug Removed
Turn over the tail light and rest it on the bumper.

You may want to place a towel in between the plastic tail light lens and the painted bumper to protect the surfaces from being scratched.


1/4 Turn Counter Clockwise
Pull Out Old # 921 Bulb
Push In New # 921 Bulb
Rotate the small light grey plastic light bulb socket 1/4 turn counter clockwise and pull it straight out of the housing.

Pull the old reverse bulb out of the socket and push in a new # 921 bulb.

If you want brighter reverse lights, install some compatible replacement 921 LED bulbs.

Re-Insert Bulb Socket
1/4 Turn Clockwise - Lock
Push On Electrical Connector
Re-insert the bulb socket in to the housing and rotate it 1/4 turn clockwise to secure it in place.

If you removed the black plastic power plug, push it straight on to the end of the socket until it clicks securely in to place.

Line Up Peg & Socket
Push On Tail Light Housing
Line up the metal peg on the rear of the housing with the white plastic grommet on the rear of the vehicle.

Push the tail light housing back in to place.

Replace Rubber Grommet
Spin On Thumb Screws
Tighten Clockwise
If you removed the rubber grommet, push it back in to place over the hole in the metal body panel.

Spin on the two black plastic thumb nuts on to the screw ends in the clockwise direction.

Replace Trunk Liner
Push In Plastic Pop Rivet
Test New Reverse Light Bulb
Tighten the plastic thumb nuts until they are snug. Try to avoid over tightening the thumb nuts to prevent from cracking the plastic tail light housing.

Replace the carpeted trunk liner and push in the black plastic pop rivet to secure it in place.

Test the new reverse light bulb by having someone step on the brake pedal and place the transmission in reverse.

For more, check out my other Dodge Avenger Repair & Maintenance Guides.

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