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Downtown Tampa, Hillsborough County, FL
Pictures and visitor info from a driving tour of the downtown area of the city of Tampa in Hillsborough county, Florida.

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Entering Downtown
Downtown-Tampa-Florida-002 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-003
We took this driving tour of the downtown area of the city of Tampa in Hillsborough County Florida during a Sunday afternoon.

Tampa is on the West coast of Florida, near the Gulf of Mexico, and is home to over three hundred thousand people. The city and surrounding communities are usually referred to as the Tampa Bay area.

There are about eighteen skyscrapers in downtown Tampa and the city is known for having more than any other city in Florida except for Miami.

Most of the buildings were designed in the Post Modern architecture style with a few examples of Art Deco style.

Some of the corporations that have buildings in Downtown Tampa include Suntrust Bank, Verizon Communications,  and Bank of America.

Downtown-Tampa-Florida-004 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-005
Hockey Bay
Morgan Street
St. Pete Times Forum
Downtown-Tampa-Florida-008 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-009
Downtown-Tampa-Florida-010 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-011 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-012
Channelside Mall
The Florida Aquarium
Downtown-Tampa-Florida-014 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-015
Tampa Port Authority
Downtown-Tampa-Florida-016 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-017 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-018
Grandeur of the Seas
Downtown-Tampa-Florida-020 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-021
Channelside Drive
Downtown-Tampa-Florida-022 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-023 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-024
Kennedy Blvd
Downtown-Tampa-Florida-025 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-026 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-027

New Residential Buildings
Downtown-Tampa-Florida-029 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-030
Downtown-Tampa-Florida-031 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-032 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-033
Downtown-Tampa-Florida-034 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-035 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-036
Downtown-Tampa-Florida-037 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-038 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-039
Downtown-Tampa-Florida-040 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-041
Northern Trust Bank
Downtown-Tampa-Florida-043 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-044 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-045
Downtown-Tampa-Florida-046 Downtown-Tampa-Florida-047
Hillsborough River

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