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Epping Forest Yacht Club
Pictures of the Epping Forest Yacht Club, formerly the Dupont Mansion, located in Jacksonville on the St. John's River.

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Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-01 Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-02 Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-03
Epping Forest Yacht Club is located in Northeast Florida on the St. John's River in the city of Jacksonville.

The 25 room mansion located on the Epping Forest Yacht Club grounds was formerly the residence of an American industrialist named Alfred I. Dupont.

This luxurious and historic mansion has been recognized as an American landmark by the United States Department of the Interior, which has included the location on the "National Register of Historic Places".

In 1926, construction on the mansion began under the supervision of Mr. Dupont and his architect, Harold Saxelbye.

After the Duponts passed away, the Mason family purchased the home and lived there for more than a decade before selling to the Gate Petroleum company.

Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-04 Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-05 Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-06
Epping Forest Yacht Club

The Gate Petroleum company restored the mansion and transformed it into the Epping Forest Yacht Club for all the residents of Jacksonville to enjoy.

Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-07 Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-08 Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-09
The Epping Forest Yacht Club is located on one of the widest points of the St. John's River where the water extends 3 miles across to the other shore. This makes it an ideal location for a first class marina that is home to the sailboats, and yachts of Jacksonville's high society.
Epping Forest Sign
Yachting Trophies

Epping Forest Yacht Club's physical address is 1830 Epping Forest Drive Jacksonville, Florida 32217 and they can be reached by phone at the following number - 904-739-7200. They are a popular location for weddings, banquets, company functions and family reunions, so book your upcoming event as soon as possible.

Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-13 Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-14
Lion's Head Fountain
Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-16 Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-17 Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-18
Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-19 Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-20
Rear of Dupont Mansion

The Dupont Mansion is the most historical part of the Epping Forest Yacht Club but it also features 6 swimming pools, a state of the art 12,000 sq. ft. fitness center, tennis courts, and a world class marina.

Alligator Sculpture Fountain
Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-23 Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-24
St. John's River
Epping Forest Marina
Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-26 Epping-Forest-Yacht-Club-Jacksonville-Florida-27
Luxury Sailboat Yachts

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