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Fincas Naturales Wildlife Refuge - Costa Rica
Pictures from a visit to the Fincas Naturales butterfly garden located in Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica.

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Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-001 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-002 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-003
After enjoying our lunch at the Rico Tico restaurant located inside the Si Como No Resort & Spa, we walked across the street to the "Fincas Naturales".

The Fincas Naturales ("natural farms") Wildlife Refuge is a twenty five acre conservation project operated by the Si Como No Resort & Spa located within Costa Rica's Manuel Antonio National Park.

We paid $15 per person for entrance into the butterfly garden. A variety of other guided tours are available ranging in price from $15 to $45 per person.

Some of the features of the Fincas Naturales besides the bi-level butterfly garden are the crocodile lagoon, an amphibian garden, reptile exhibits, and 4500 feet of nature trails.

Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-004 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-005 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-006
When we walked in to the butterfly garden enclosure, we were greeted by soft music and 100's of butterflies flying around a lush tropical landscape. It was definitely a photographer's dream come true. There is a covered sitting area on the second level of the enclosure that overlooks the garden. Be sure to step inside the laboratory on the ground floor of the enclosure to admire the live caterpillars, preserved butterflies, and insect displays. The air conditioned lab was a welcome relief from the extremely hot and humid environment outside.
Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-007 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-008 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-009
Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-010 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-011 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-012
A few of the butterflies species that can be seen at the Fincas Naturales are Mechanitis polymnia, Chlosyne janais, Catonephele numilia, Heliconius ismenius, Heliconius hecale, Heliconius erato, Dryas iulia, Heliconius pachinus, Consul fabius, Hamadryas amphinome, Hamadryas laodamia, Phoebis philea, Phoebis sennae, Siproeta stelenes, Colobura dirce, Zaretis ellops, Archaeoprepona demophoon, Eryphanis polyxema, Calygo eurilochius, Morpho peleides, Paride arcas, Papilio anchisiades, Battus polydamas, and Papilio thoas.
Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-013 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-014 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-015
Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-016 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-017 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-018

Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-019 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-020 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-021
Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-022 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-023 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-024
Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-025 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-026 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-027
Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-028 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-029 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-030
Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-031 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-032 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-033
Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-034 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-035 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-036
Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-037 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-038 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-039
Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-040 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-041 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-042
Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-043 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-044 Fincas-Naturales-Butterfly-Garden-Costa-Rica-045

Some of the other photo galleries from our trip to Costa Rica include the Hard Rock Resort & Casino, Crocodile Feeding At Tarcoles River, the Manuel Antonio National Park, the Si Como No Resort & Spa, The Backyard Bar on Playa Hermosa, the Waterfalls Canopy Tour, a Playa De Jaco Sunset, and the bus ride from Jaco Beach to San Jose that winded through the tropical countryside.

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