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Firestone Car Tire Failure @ 75 MPH
Pictures of my Firestone brand automotive tire that disintegrated and fell apart at 75 miles per hour on the highway.

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Firestone Tire Failure Picture
This photo album page contains images of my Firestone brand car tire that failed at 75 miles per hour while driving on the I-75 highway.

No one was hurt and I was able to safely stop the car on the highway shoulder.

I'm not sure if my car's tire failure incident had anything to do with the Ford Explorer Firestone tire lawsuit and scandal that was going on at the same time that I had this tire blowout.

This specific Firestone tire may have just been a little old and abused by my aggressive driving phase during my time at the University of Florida.

Also this could have been caused by the set up of my apartment complex's parking lot which had high and rough curbs and small spots. The sidewall may have been rubbed a few times too many.


Firestone-Tire-Failure-03 Firestone-Tire-Failure-04
Firestone Tire Sidewall Close Up
Luckily my car at the time, a 1989 Pontiac Grand Prix SE, was low to the ground with a balanced weight distribution ratio so I was able to easily reduce speed and pull off the highway when the Firestone tire exploded.

I've read that the Ford Explorer SUV was built with too narrow of a chassis so the Ford engineers recommended a lower tire pressure of 26 PSI rather than the normally recommended 35 pounds per square inch of air pressure.

So there were many Ford Explorer sport utility vehicle owners driving around with under inflated Firestone ATX & ATX II tires which resulted in increased friction and heat, two major causes of tire failures.

I recommend that everyone take the time to check their tire pressures at least once a week.

You'll save gas and maybe even your life and it only takes a few minutes out of your weekend. I've made it part of my weekly car washing routine.

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